Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2018-05-27

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • It’s Memorial Day in America
  • Thank You Global Zionists for sending us to War, just for your sick gain
  • People are thinking for themselves and they realise this train has gone off the tracks
  • Clip:  Hardcore fight against Child Trafficking & the Military culture Vs Citizen culture
  • Marines still need to think after they dress up into their Military outfits  (Shaun’s notes:  I would say also that the Police Force should live by the same ideal.  After they dress into their Police Uniform, they need to think and decide for themselves whether what they are doing is right for the American/Australian people.)
  • Clip:  The powers that be taking down those that dare to speak out about Child Trafficking – The take down of Robinson
  • Clip:  Forced diversity – You’re forced into living with other races and when you move away, you’re hunted down for being a racist – There is no such thing called “freedom of association” within Western Civilisation  (Shaun’s notes:  Section 8 housing is equivalent to our commission and/or community housing.  And we have the same problems here.  I was a cleaner of commission housing for quite a while after somebody was evicted or left the house.  Ohhhhhh the fun.)
  • Caller Jeff calls into speak about a great many things, including Dirty Bombs and 007 (Shaun’s notes:  Jeff’s Genius never ceases to amaze nor entertain.  His articulation and use of knowledge is 2nd to none.)
  • Caller Chris in Las Vegas speaks about:  The Fixers that fix certain situations (like mafia cleaners) and dirty attorneys  (Chris’ voice reminds me of Reverend Ted Pike.  We had Rev. Pike on RadioX back in 2010 a couple of times.  He knows what is what when it comes to Judaism and it’s corruption.)
  • Derek in Minnesota talks about:  A few things after being a little left behind on Rob’s show, including who ‘Russ’ may be – (Shaun’s notes:  Ha!  Russ and his antics.  You trolls make me laugh.  It’s entertaining to say the least…)
  • Chatty Cathy calls in and speaks about:  Things have calmed down since she has been bullied for what she knows – Cathy plays something for Rob that is a little hard to hear – It’s the ultimate smack down, because she (on the audio) stayed calm in telling the truth
  • Clip:  The Talpiot Program often lied about in the Wikipedia (the same Wikipedia that is run partially by Israel) is explained and what is going on behind it
  • Caller Mark in Philadelphia:  Remington being molested by new jewish ownership – The relation to Trump – The downgrade to weapons  (Shaun’s notes:  This is a good point.  When a population cannot be disarmed, the next best thing to do would be to downgrade the weapons quality.  You could then arm the powers that be with the quality arms and the “plebeians” with the low quality arms.  Very good point.  How quaint, that everything the jews infiltrate becomes of second and third rate crap, whilst they continue to have the utmost of high quality.)
  • Clip:  The little faggot Shaun King needs to be slapped around for the bullcrap he goes on with and many Marines (retired or active) would like to knock this little bitch out
  • Caller Chris calls back in and discusses the Police situation after Rob had spoken about being pulled over and pulling his own weight
  • Caller Mer speaks with Rob about Transhumanism after Rob plays a clip about the subject
  • Clip:  The Trans-Human resistance coming out of Christian communities

And much more as usual…


3 thoughts on “Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2018-05-27

  1. Too much cucking, Robert. You can go on and on about how you aren’t a “hater”, but you are automatically by Their definition, so your protests only come across as capitulation to their definitions and their agenda. Are you really so astonished that blacks lie shamelessly when they think they can get a whitey, especially a cop, in trouble? And your response is to preach a Sunday school lesson at them? You’re old enough to know better, why can’t you admit that they are genetically flawed, beyond reason, and hate us with an irrational fervor that nothing will ever stem until they are separated from us by vast distances from a White’s only society that does not suffer their presence let alone grant them special rights and privileges that undermine that society. Sure, kikes and commies fan the flames of that hatred, but it would exist even if they all disappeared tomorrow. Divide and conquer? You really want us to unite with them after all the Whites they have murdered and raped and brutalized and robbed? You want to take your Bible out and forgive them and unite against the Jew? Even Jew wise negroes like Farrakhan and the NOI hate Whitey as much or more than the average coon. You think you can trust them? Disunity with blacks, I’m all for it.


    • I’m in the same boat here, when it comes to disunity with blacks. I don’t care about the so called “good few” because even they hate us. When push comes to shove, they won’t pick the black side because they have to, they will pick it because their true nature will automatically take hold and whitey will be their target.

      I once read an article on Daily Stormer about how the groids are very good at mimicking white man and that’s how they get by. The so called “good groids” I mean. And through their mimicking behaviours they convince themselves on surface level, that they ARE us and that they LIKE us. But again, until the shit hits the fan and they think for a moment that, they as black people have the upper hand and then something comes out in them that no amount of training can amount to. Look out then.


  2. Shaun,
    Africa is littered with the graves of Whites who thought they could trust “their” blacks, the ones who weren’t like the others, but who proved they were as bad or worse, once the uprisings kicked off. Even the leader of the South African AWB party, Eugene TerreBlanche, of all people, had black employees he thought were loyal and trustworthy, and they murdered him in the most brutal and degrading manner. If someone as racially aware as he supposedly was could be that stupid, what hope is there for the blinkered normies and pious liberals who actively seek the friendship and approval of blacks?


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