TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus & John Percent 2018-05-25

On this edition of TCTA John and Shaun speak about:

  • Brooksy comments about Brendon O’Connell’s stance when it comes to the jews and the white man
  • The breakdown of the alternative networks, the backstabbing and how and why it has become the “bowl movement” as Shaun puts it
  • Iacocca, Chrysler’s Prince speaks about walls and tearing them down from a boomer point of view
  • John has Shaun play some clips and comments accordingly

And much more as per usual…


Luke calls into Charles and speaks about the fall out with Shaun.  Charles responds about Shaun having a fall out with Kyle, but no details are given.  Details are given in the above edition of TCTA.

Below, Luke and Charles…

5 thoughts on “TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus & John Percent 2018-05-25

  1. Being anti-Zionist is not necessarily the same as being anti-Jew, and even being anti-Jew is useless if it is not combined with being pro-White. O’Connell is not pro-White, he is an anti-Zionist leftist SJW. Guiliani is not pro-White. He does not define himself as WN or NS, but as a “troofer.” He has accused Hitler of being a Rothschild and a British agent. He is always crying about the poor Native Americans and buys into all the Dances With Wolves crap. He has made it clear on several shows that “Guys, guys, I’m not a racist, OK?” He never delves into black-on-white crime but will instead devote entire shows (often more than one show) on who killed Michael Jackson, or Prince, or Amy Winehouse (who cares?). Minus his take on the Jews, he often sounds like a SJW/antifa himself. I can’t figure out why he is even featured on a supposed NS site, but I think it is to drive traffic to the site since Guliani’s fanboys, the ones who think everything he says is gospel truth, will follow him everywhere. I doubt if Renegade would have much of an audience without him, especially since Kyle drove all the good hosts off, and Sinead almost sank the network with her flat earth garbage and hysterics.


    • What a great breakdown of it all. Even helped me look at things a bit clearer. I’ve said it in the past myself, that sometimes people need to sit back atop a mountain to see what is happening around them or as a whole. Sometimes I need to practice what I preach.


    • Remember Guiliani was fully sucked into sky god religion so he may be swapping his sky god religion with the white genocide religion.


  2. (((funny))) how its only white countries that bring in mass non white immigration to fill a labor shortage (real or not). other countries like saudi arabia solve their labor shortage by bringing in TEMPORARY immigrants because they are allowed to maintain their racial integrity.


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