Black Listed News w/ Doug Owen (RBN) 2018-05-06

On this edition of BLN, Doug speaks about:

  • Kanye West is ruffling feathers amongst democrats and other blacks  (Shauns notes:  Kanye West is as much nigger as Eminem is wigger and both their music is absolutely horrible but he has a point on the 400 year slave deal.  On the same token, we have to keep in mind, that it wasn’t just the slave owners that were keeping niggers in line, it was the white population in it’s entirety.  Had the slaves overpowered their owners, the whites would have seen them strung high.  It’s in my opinion, that the state of fear is where they needed to remain, because that is when they were at their least savage.  Many of the riots such as Baltimore would not have taken place if they were still in the cotton fields.)
  • The thought of ‘Crisis Actors‘ may seem over the top, but is there more to it than we think?
  • Andy in Texas calls in and speaks about how we shouldn’t be in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and then moves on to speak about slaves  (Shauns notes:  This caller is right on the ball.  Being a slave in Africa was much worse than being one in the States.  Had the slave owners threatened to send their savage back to Africa, the porchmonkeys would have been clambering to stay in the cotton fields.  By the way it’s Nikola Tesla, not Nicholas, for your information.  The reason he was racist, is because he was a genius and he knew that racism is not only a fact, but needed.  Most geniuses knew this, such as Henry Ford.  Mr. Ford was also considered anti-semitic because he knew what jews were really all about.  Bobby Fischer was another great mind, that was racist and anti-semitic.  These people didn’t make the decisions they made without thinking about them first.  Genius minds, making genius decisions.  Many people couldn’t fathom the way these brilliant people think and it’s simply because they don’t have the brain to fathom it.)
  • Rick calls in and talks about one of the shootings and how he feels that it was fake – He wanted to know where Doug stands on this issue
  • Back before Trump was president rappers loved him – Now he’s seen as Adolf Hitler  (Shauns notes:  That’s an insult to Hitler.  Yet another genius.)
  • North Korea is changing it’s time back 30 mins

And more…



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