Murdered Italian girl’s mother makes a powerful statement by carrying Luca Traini’s flowers at her funeral

This great Lady stands for her Daughter. Most white men and women these days are fucking cowards but this woman did the right thing.

I’m sorry for the loss of her Daughter and I hope that more savage disgusting Africans get run down. They DO NOT FUCKING BELONG WITH US WHITES! Period!

Diversity Macht Frei

When white people are killed by brown people, it’s not unusual to hear their relatives call for “peace and reconciliation” and utter other platitudes straight out of the multicult bible. Often they will even explicitly attack the race-realists or anti-Islam activists who had warned in advance that such things could happen.

But the mother of Pamela Mastropietro, the 18-year-old Roman girl raped, murdered and chopped up by Nigerian drug dealers, declined to go along with the program. Instead, at her daughter’s funeral, held belatedly this weekend, she chose to make a bold statement of defiance to the Multicult. Many flowers had been sent in by sympathisers but she decided to personally carry the bouquet sent by Luca Traini, the “White Rampage” shooter who became a hero to many Italians after gunning down Africans at random in the wake of Pamela’s death.



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