TCTA w/ John Percent & Shaun Surplus 2018-05-04

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun and John talk about the falling of RBN.  They also discuss Trump and the possible “behind the scenes war” going on.  A young girl is molested by the TSA as the parents stand by and let it happen and a play in Australia condones the killing of white people, by a disgusting fat Asian ape.


2 thoughts on “TCTA w/ John Percent & Shaun Surplus 2018-05-04

  1. DISCLAIMER: I know I pretty much popped off and led Shaun for the most part in openly bashing RBN, it’s taken a while for me to get to this point, but at this point it’s well deserved.

    Remember, I am hitting this from a CONSUMER point of view, and I have private confirmations that my sentiments echo that of other frustrated RBN listeners, considering primarily the professed mission of the network is billed/sold as “patriotic” .

    As it always goes, hell, even with real fundamentalist churches and organizations that start with solid or rigid moral values at their core founding and launch, once money gets involved, or tangible assets(like a building), or a personal demand is made upon a person’s time to do upkeep; no matter what, the more people that get involved, the risk of infiltration and corruption increases, and if ANY foul play or distrust begins to show itself, the ‘disease’ must be eradicated and wholly cut out.

    It always seemed to me that RBN’s endeavor started as sincere, was going well for well over a decade at first; but now, Stadtmiller is just keeping it up because he simply doesn’t want to do anything else in his life to pay his bills….well TOO BAD…because if you have to treat a Michael Herzog like that(given your long history of disrespecting other hosts, or ‘pulling rank’ on them), AND you’re willing to allow a talented presenter like Rivero to spew his leftist and LYING horseshit routinely on your airwaves(often insulting your listeners…since we all know Stadtmiller believes chemtrails are a real threat to us in America, as does Herzog), the you deserve the open rebuke with the qualification that you are bilking your listening audience for cash donations through fraud, because your product doesn’t match your mission if your most listened to host(since Herzog told you to piss off) now has openly said he’ll VOTE for goddamn communists, and would have voted for a communist over Trump had a criminal not ‘stolen’ the Democratic nomination.

    These aren’t ‘minor’ disagreements Stadtmiller could profess to have with Rivero, we all know his views…Herzog was a talent, doing research, sharing it with your audience, BENEFITTING your whole outfit, and bringing susbstance to a hungry audience showing that there may be hope for white western civilization yet coming from battles being waged by those other white people who are poweful and know how to play the game at the highest levels; but you f**ked that up big time, with your pride and your ego…hell…Rivero has even abandoned you before because the money wasn’t that good, well, now you’ve made your bed with that piece of shit, enjoy it because it is your downfall!

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