New Live Show Soon To Come

That’s right Ladies and Gents, as some of you know I spoke of a new live show coming back to WTFR.  That’s not just going to be happening, but there will be a bonus.  Often enough, either Bob or John Percent or BOTH will be joining me for the broadcast.  Let’s get the details out of the way shall we?

The show will be running live each week on Friday evenings at 10 PM EST for our American derelicts (shit eating grin) and Saturday 12 PM AEST for our Aussie dirt bags (bigger shit eating grin) and we will be bringing the hard cold truth to you all with no punches pulled as per usual.  So if you don’t have testiculars that weigh in at 80 pounds, don’t listen.  Otherwise, drag those big bastards on over to WTFR and get ready for some hardcore truth!

Divorce your paradigm!  Because we are coming BACK!

Bob, John and Shaun.



And in the mean time, lets give you something to look at, here in the WTFR studio.  Please enjoy.


4 thoughts on “New Live Show Soon To Come

  1. Awesome! I’m very busy and important but I will try to be there on Friday nights. 😛 (P.S. Since I am of the female persuasion, I am pretty sure I don’t have 80 pound balls though)


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