Australian Internet & Exetel

Hey there Ladies and Gents.

Well as many of you that have been following me from network to network know, you’re all too aware of the pathetic performance out of the Internet here in Australia.  For the average person doing average things, it’s probably rarely a big deal, but for somebody that needs to have his/her Internet connection up and running full time, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, the Internet here has never been able to cut it.  And I’m not the only one saying it.  I’ve also got other friends in radio that have the same problem as I do, no matter what the company.

I’m with a company at the moment called Exetel and I have to say, that it is the WORST Internet company I have ever been with.  Not only does the Internet go down whenever it likes at random intervals, when it does, the company tries to get YOU to do their dirty work for them, to fix the issue, assuming it’s YOUR problem in the first place.  When they finally realise, ‘hey it’s not your side, it must be Exetel’s side’ they just simply “can’t find a problem”.

It turns out that last night the Stream was down all night and I had no idea just how many people are still using the Stream out there until I woke this morning.  My Son and his friend let me know that they think the home network was down and that it could have been down all night.  I quickly resolved the problem by resetting the modem and checked my messages on all fronts.  I was pleasantly surprised that we still have people out there utilising the Stream in such numbers, (24) when we only have a live show here and there once in a while now.  It shows that there are still people out there willing to learn and are indeed on board with what we have to say here at WTFR.

I apologise for the Stream being down, to those of you that enjoy listening and although Exetel does go down once in a while, it’s not usually for long, but after NBN goes down, it confuses the shit out of the modem and the modem can’t log back in until it’s been reset.  So when it goes down for 5 mins, I’m usually around to reset the modem to bring things back up, but this time I was either out by the campfire or sleeping and just didn’t notice.  Again I do apologise for any inconvenience.  And just to let those of you know, 107.9 FM was not at all affected because it runs totally separate to the live Stream.

Thank You especially to those people that wrote me, letting me know that the Stream was down.  I do appreciate it and your listenership.  The download numbers as usual are good on the Kiwi Server side, but I just didn’t realise how many of you listen in on the live Stream each day.  I thought maybe one or two to be honest albeit I know we have good numbers on the FM side, because people often tell me they listen when I visit the local pub (which is seldom these days) and sometimes down the street.  Perhaps I should think about bringing back a live show again on a regular day and time.  I will think about it and keep you posted.

Again, Thanks for listening.

Shaun / Surplus

2 thoughts on “Australian Internet & Exetel

  1. A regular live show sounds good Shaun and would give this one guy a break from all the horse shit here in ‘Merika.’

    On top of everything else I for one am forced to keep playing online keep up games, the changes in TOS and the usual banning, blocking and censoring. Having to sign agreements like with something called OATH (dot com) to get my email going again since I have so much important info I have to keep and keep up with. The finer print on some of these agreements are the ‘laws of New York’ are to be used/applied nation wide for such email providers and tech companies. So I guess Jew York city is out to control the nation with their far reaching Israeli and Bolshevik rule.

    I can’t keep up with all the crap going on. Went up to vote and just had one person I had to hold my nose and vote for, all others were flat out communist/Demoncrats. So yeah, voting has become worthless but I have to waste my time to do it anyway. Besides I like to see them squirm in their seats if I ask questions about any third parties allowed in the primaries yet, like Independents (Jew infiltrated too), since it is a two party corrupt rule locally with both parties being the same basically. Or to watch the scowl on the old bitches faces when I walk in since the city politicians and activist has seen to it I am enemy number one around here and my name well known as a non-conformist townie or not a commie Jew townie clique boot licker. Doing good since I can’t attend town meetings to being coerced/chased away from one local hospital here due to ‘identity politics’ and the Marx – Feminist locally that hate my guts. Good for them. lol HIPPA violations and all that too and can’t get anyone to help with that either. They all go into protection mode and circle all their wagons from the Feds, state, and to local levels to protect those ‘professionals and activist.

    Trying to get things fixed and caught up so I can continue with my protest sign and such. Not enough hours in the day.

    Oh well. Enjoy your yard fires, I am enjoying mine. Stay safe over yonder and beware of all the killer bugs and varmints you all have over there that I don’t have to contend with in my backyard. I just have to worry about the two legged critters and poisonous rascals. lol

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