Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2018-04-22

DISCLAIMER **I missed Rob’s last show but I will get that up this week some time.  In the meantime, enjoy this weeks show**

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • Some people within the so called “truth movement” need to grow up and think about what they are saying
  • Romney not being a Trumper is a no thing but Romney would have been basically a George W. Bush
  • The gun censoring BS will not stop and people need to keep exposing it (Shauns notes:  I have always said that America will be Western Civilisations last stand and if her 2nd Amendment goes away, so do we as Western Civilised countries.  You mark my word!)
  • Israels Grand Design – The metamorphosis of a midget Israel to a giant
  • Judge overlooks the possible connection between Hanity and Cohen
  • Clip:  Brother Nathaniel speaks about Trump and also mentions a very important book, Portnoy’s Complaint
  • Trump is no choir boy but the attack on him speaks leaps and bounds as to what type of people we are dealing with when it comes to libtards
  • Clip:  Mind control document release from one of the fusion centers – Electro magnetic effects on the human body – Governments speak of wanting to read thoughts etc…  (Shauns notes:  Yeah that’s right, who’s the kook now?  Me for speaking about this 20-25 years ago or those of YOU that won’t even fucking listen to their own governments when they accidentally leak documents IN YOUR FACE!  Oh and I guess MKUltra never existed either.  Even though they freely admit that it does to this day.)
  • Clip:  Somebody splices together a clip of the little punk bitch David Hogg perfectly so that people get a clear picture of what Hogg had said before he realised he was caught out for being a shill bitch crisis actor for the media
  • Jim in Missouri speaks about sending some information to different hosts on RBN
  • Dave in Nevada calls in to talk about the Crown, the Catholic Church and the Church of England
  • Jeff in Idaho talks about Susan Lindauer and how she was the one that tried stopping the war in Iraq among other things such as the “Chemistry in Chemtrails” – A fungus that can rewrite your DNA with it’s own rules
  • Clip:  A doctor speaks about Chemtrail Lung which is showing up all over the world now
  • Caller Howard in Pennsylvania speaks about communist signs being pegged up around the city and then moves onto speak about Kosher kike foods – Chemtrails and flight paths
  • Bill in Wisconsin talks about Chemtrails and how the temperatures were balmy and how he had snow and how the weather is not adding up because of these chemicals in his skies  (Shaun’s notes:  Just because you Aussies don’t see it over your heads, does not mean that it ain’t happening.  I have met many people in Adelaide, different parts of Queensland, Melbourne and Sydney that can all tell you how bad Chemtrails are in their areas.  Country areas don’t often get hit that often, but keep your eyes to the skies because it’s only a matter of time before that will change.)

And much more…


One thought on “Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2018-04-22

  1. important show i reckon. east-india company morphing into ‘serco’ … in australia they have their hands in the immigration. look it up, ‘serco detainee service officer’.


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