TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus and John Percent 2018-04-13

On this Friday 13th edition of TCTA, John and Shaun speak about the air-strikes of Syria ordered by Donald Trump among many other things.  The show speaks for itself.


Kike bitch – Unconstitutional traffic stop.  John and Shaun discuss the below clip during the broadcast…

4 thoughts on “TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus and John Percent 2018-04-13

  1. Here’s the deal…having your “tag light” out is a CIVIL INFRACTION only; it is in the Transportation Code which is meant to regulate only COMMERCIAL traffic on the roads…those who use the roads to make during business transactions…carrying goods, transporting people, running an errand for an employer etc.

    If the cop does not have ARTICULABLE PROBABLE CAUSE to stop/detain/arrest a person travelling in their liberty, it is 100% unconstitutional to do this; but stupid people voluntarily comply, nowadays they rightly do so out of FEAR, because as you can see, the cops immediately ESCALATE the situation, openly violate more of your rights while barking orders at you, and then invent probable cause to search and fine, imprison, and steal from ‘We The People’.

    Fact is: the legislators, BAR lawyers, and judges who own land leased out to the prison industry are running this police state! Without the money and intense study hours to not only know how to assert your rights, let alone have very very intimate knowledge of THEIR procedural horseshit courtroom shenanigans, pragmatism says you best comply and pay the extortionists or else they’ll make your life a living hell for daring to challenge them!

    My run in cost me a car I paid $9000 for, then a rental so I could get to work between cars, and finally $700 for a lawyer so I could get their black marks off my driving record in order to secure employment again; all of which escalated from a traffic stop just like this; for a CIVIL INFRACTION!

    What outrages Shaun & I most of all now, is the obvious RACE of this female cop who you can see the white cop giving deference to because he knows she is Israeli-trained, was invited to take over his law enforcement department, and nothing is going to stop her from being an anti-white misanthropic hard ass, probably trained in Krav Maga, determined to do her part in carrying out the Protocols upon America.

    The cops, police chiefs, sheriffs allowing this to happen are traitors to this country; another long term consequence of their Federal Reserve System…I wouldn’t give that male cop a fucking soda cracker if the paper money system collapsed and he begged me!

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    • “I wouldn’t give that male cop a fucking soda cracker if the paper money system collapsed and he begged me!”

      Exactly. So sick of seeing our own just stand around and do nothing. This is why Shaun and I go on about self-sufficiency because when the shit does finally hit the fan, there will be no one to help you but yourself. Even if you can’t grow food at the moment, you can at least stock up on canned goods and water, etc.

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  2. Of course Trump is in Israel’s pocket. Nobody gets into politics, media, or academics unless they bow to Israel and their many agendas. So is Pence like Indiana has been for years and there is no changing that fact regardless of who we vote for. Short of life ending meteor strikes, multiple volcanic burps, or all out nuke war Israel will be the major problem for our world and most countries.

    Did anyone catch one report about bombing Syria with Pence speaking in front of a full house/audience beanie wearing Jooz in front of him holding their cell phones up recording it all? I seen it once and it must have been scrubbed from Faux news.

    Anyone noticing the filthy Israeli flag behind the scum on TV or over Trump’s new attorney Gulliani??? That should be a wake up call for WNs too, or for the sheep to see.

    Look at the Jooz Trump put in his admin along with his slut daughter advisor and other uses of nepotism. The Joo over Veteran Affairs turned out to be a joke and our care is still shit to this day, and for us who were forced out with their actions of retaliation and identity politics/activist shit continue on into the civilian world. Really sad stuff going on the public knows nothing of or could care less about.

    DACA. Trump, scum traitors in my state and those in DC are drumming their nuts over that and illegals doing little. States like Californy and Indiana governor has already given them free passes for health care, visas to work in professional fields to working at the VA. So again Trump nor DC really gives a shit about us or the country. Shit, we are turning into Mexico more and more every day with the corruption and crimes to match. Like dealing with God damned Israel being our shadow government wasn’t bad enough alone to deal with. Plus freaking Hollywerid bringing in lefty communist trash from all over, Canada, UK, etc., to flood in to work here like America hasn’t got talent or enough fools wanting to be celebrities or get their minutes of fame or be on Walking Dead that isn’t that far off from them all being brain-dead to begin with.

    Oh and don’t pat the ophthalmologist on the back too much. My cataract surgeries didn’t turn out so well either and of course they were just more foreigners to deal with. But normal shit to deal with in this state.

    On percentages. The claimed 2 or so percent Jooz in America is BS. If those numbers are so low then how can one constantly keep encountering them everywhere? I mean everywhere. Like the illegal alien count is supposed to be 8, 12 to 15 million when past counts claim well over 50 mil to some claiming one quarter of Mexican nationals are here now… if not more. Trying to find real White American doctors here locally or in the VA is nearly impossible. We all know how governments and the Jooz love their numbers games and deceit. Cough… they admitted to the USA being the new Zion forty damn years ago so there is nothing new about that.

    Prior to my time they already had formed groups and joined with the likes of the NRA and countless others to support their “Never Again” Zionist/Jooz groups. Their larger groups being in Joo centralized places like Jew York out in the sticks on their compounds, Florida, California, etc. Meaning they nor their powers that be get thrown out of any country again like what happened historically whenever they ruined a town or country. Not only that they formed their own Jooz only militia training camps teaching them everything there is about warfare and setting up groups in every state/town in the union. Early computing days they used to advertise this crap openly till people like me started spreading their news and group activities. I am talking about the scum teaching full auto weapon uses, military styled weapons, to explosives and all the how-tos of urban killing and destruction.

    If I hear one more stinking preacher or so-called Christian claim they are Jewish for believing in some form of spirituality I will puke.

    Locally school teachers and the select are privately being trained to combat school shootings and protect the “community.” Really now. The trainers are from Israel/Mossad/IDF or X American military that has been in Israel or trained by their filth. Joined with local gun sellers/groups/various Semite affiliations. Notice I wrote private, public not allowed to know the secrets involved or about the training methods. Those trained cannot speak about the finer points of their training sessions or tactics. The jack-offs. “Combat ready” (Jew & ass kissing goy) administration, staff, workers, teachers, etc? From “school,” to “community.” ??????

    People “waking up” must be geographical, not around here. Definitely not, nada. Average kids around 21 yrs of age has at least gone through the local holohoax museum of Eva Kor’s … 4, four times and handed over their lunch and milk money to pacify the herd and tribute collectors. Then had the guts to tell one group of kids “if you’re going to lie tell a big one and stick to it.” WTF. Then it’s denied by all and the kids forced to say it never happened and a big misunderstanding. It is a state mandate here to have the Jews favored in all schools and curriculum plus the constant ptiy party over the Jews. This is not just a one week deal or teaching and the above named sleeze bag is in the news constantly. She just got another state award for being a stand up Jewess, Mengala test subject, and liar. Plus their near yearly trips to Auschwitz with local teachers and staff to ensure the pity party continues on as well as the lies. This is daily social engineering and brain-washing… it just doesn’t go in one ear and out the other.

    The Jew, media and Zionist brain filters are set firmly into the kiddies and adult’s thought processes and in their daily living activities/stringent requirements to fit in. That includes how “professionals” like doctors and others treat us to spreading so-called private medical records around for all to see. Freedom and privacy? It’s all gone. Then the news has reports and studies claiming that identity politics doesn’t exist and that side issues does not affect health care or professional concerns of citizens or veterans? BS. I can prove other-wise. Easily but we have no media or representation here… none.

    Immigrants poverty and gumballs

    Why so many jooz in DC and why so many in this admin is from Indiana? Semites/Zionist supporters.

    RBN and Rivero. One of the last few bastions of free speech and good info. Call Mikey what you want but at least he does and has blamed and names Israel for what they do and are. Bash if you must and makes people feel good but there are more important things to focus and harp on. Take what we can use and leave the fucking rest behind or on a back shelf for future use. Why doesn’t John P. mention Mikey’s past recent shows where he is at least calling out Israel and the war machine connections. Why keep throwing the baby out with the bath water? Like is said, if one doesn’t like the messenger or messages change the mother fucking channel, stop wasting others time with BS, give an opinion and move the fuck on. Give a little credit where credit is due. Or don’t people, John P, realize how goddamn bad it’s actually getting in some places and from some people? WTF. Piss me off. I don’t agree with many things WRH reports or believes in but I am not going to let my disagreements distract me much or eat my fucking lunch in my brain. But there again I don’t think many with microphones or platforms for talk isn’t neck deep in Jews, corruption, dealing with daily attacks in a myriad of ways, zero support, and can’t get the basics of civil liberties or rights met. Yep, I am thin skinned today for more than one reason.

    Caravan to Midnight and many others have gone the way to turn on America and join freaking Israel, mainstream Christianity, churchianity, Christian Zionism, on board the Trump train hard time, etc. Like others after telling people to stand up to corruption and the evils going on including Israel’s part, then plays bait n’ switch and drops the ‘connected’ family shit to supporting veterans or America due to damaging Israel’s image or holiness in some way. But he and his new wifey think their “Watchmen” religious groups and conventions are really going to make things better or help us out here. I abhor the man now but stay a subscribing member just for the guests he has on and the news I can’t find anywhere else. Just like I do with RBN.

    I voted against Hillary that means I voted for the lesser of evil of the two. People are doing a dis-service informing people NOT to vote. That is exactly what the corrupt two party system wants.

    I live in town filled with Dems and college kiddies and they love people, the majority here, not voting. Love it. They love trying to get people to vote for a third party or green party knowing full well that vote will be a garbage vote and no chance of winning. The majority here does not vote thinking it will help the corruption, some kind of protest, or not having anyone to vote for except the same old family names, same old nepotism, same shit. All that has done is allowed for this town/state to be totally corrupted state agencies down, and to DC. Having a R by their names mean nothing today because they all roll the same way and follow the corruption. But being a veteran and know so many that died for my so-called right and ability to piss off the entire population here to go into the corrupt herd and cast a vote, I do. If it is only to cast a vote for one measly person out of the bunch. And with the full knowing that vote of mine will be part of the gossip behind closed doors in city hall making me yet, and still, an enemy of the state and local masses that just love Hillary and Obummer. Or thinking that some scum-bag like Trump would actually change this country or politics. How funny is that. So what has not voting got us since circa 1960s don’t vote for the “establishment” Jew movement, while they vote? No where but more corrupted like never before and worse today. With this state and all concerned totally under control of our shadow government, Israel, along with the so-called ‘deep state.’ And they too love the fact that the sheep won’t vote and simply … not do one goddamn thing about anything corrupt, being censored like mad, or people like me dealing with a ton of shit on a daily basis. And I don’t have to run around spouting Jew jew jew all the time or trying to push some fairy tale about White Rights or something. All I have to do is openly not support Israel, not support mainstream X-ianity, the two party system, or be vocal about the local corruption, censoring, or other evils. And is why I can’t, or won’t, ask for help or support cause of some loose lips that would not help me at all but would increase the attacks on me by outsiders not fully understanding situations of others across the boards or borders.

    Now today this old worn out, tore up, disabled White dude, has to make up some signs and go stand out alone to get some attention about being a target of the ‘machine.’ Which I have totally pissed off for many years and more recently about VA incompetence, the threats, dealing with Negros and foreigners at the VA forced to leave, plus all the corruption and side BS. Then to have damage done to me ignored by civilian care and covered-up, then to be chased off from one of two local major hospitals because of connections, cliques, unions, retaliation politics, and insider politics to see all the damage done to me they ALL can do and get by with. And all done alone because of the fear so many people have here about it all and even fear casting a wrong vote that isn’t really kept so secret in communities like mine.

    Zero support for HIPPA or civil rights violations which includes all the veteran service organizations out there, all media contacted,…. the whole sheebang including politicians, out of state media, state agencies, etc. The police and authorities, phone company too, can’t do anything about death threats or tons of harassing phone calls coming in either. Over a private unlisted phone number and info that could only come from my medical files and such. Am I pissed off? Slightly for now.

    The only personality I can agree with at least 99% of the time is Shaun or like Stadtmiller most of the time. Others I can over-look to get some information and real news I won’t hear about in Indiana or from local news. We, I, are being censored, banned, and tracked like crazy and nothing to do but sit back and watch it all happen and try to cover our own asses if need be cause nobody out there can or will help, especially WNs or those up against the chosen or all encompassing corrupt. It’s all FUBAR.

    All I can do is a little squawking, prepare for the worse as usual, and hope for the best. Would love to go public with real name out here too but would only cause me more grief like my real FB page has done but somebody has to go public when all else has failed and targeted for destruction. Being anonymous all the time is not allowed either since all in the ‘machine’ need and want your info or access to your med files to do some kind of good that never comes, but the info is out there for the staff activist and others to use at their pleasure. So what to do? Damned if you – damned if you don’t. But at least I try to do something. Personally I am down to the wire. And been three years and still can’t get proper medical care or find a decent doctor locally and more to deal with. Yes it’s that bad. All we can do is what we think is best for us locally or on a personal level, or for some kind of small change or sharing some reality with others. So the – small stuff – the side distractions doesn’t mean that much to me. And yes one man can be an ‘island.’ If need be, it is. Hard times are coming, prepare. Rant off. TY Shaun! Keep going buddy.

    Here I stand alone.
    I can’t do otherwise.
    God help me.

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