Black Listed News w/ Doug Owen (RBN) 2018-04-08

On this edition of BLN, Doug speaks about:

  • Regardless of whether Trump is a criminal or not there is without a doubt the opposition are using ridiculous lengths to have him kicked from power
  • A continuous pass is given to Israel even though they commit so many war crimes (Shauns notes:  The Geneva Conventions dictates that there should never be cluster bombs used in civilian areas, yet Israel used these very bombs in the said civilian areas in Lebanon and they were let off without so much as anybody let alone the UN flinching an eyelid…)
  • Pizzagate was a good example of how these creepy groups of people do what they do
  • Did Hilary Clinton have sex with Sasquatch and birth little sacrificial hairy babies?
  • The DHS (Department of Homeland Security) wants to take control of who blogs, reports or even discusses anything that may influence the mainstream media

And more…


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