Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2018-03-25

**  I apologise for missing Rob’s last shows live.  I have been very busy of late and I have also been spending time with a friend in hospital.  Not to mention, my usual daily activities including work and it all adds up.  To the point where even I need to sleep.  Yeah I know right?  The little hyperactive fuck called Shaun, sleep?  Yeah whatever!  Ha!  **

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • Little punk David Hogg thinks that he can take those of us on that have called him out as a crisis actor
  • Clip:  Ellen Degenerate induces vomit as she encourages young people to continue the false flag charade
  • Clip:  Communist faggot David Hogg speaks total shit about gun owners being child killers  (Shauns notes:  This little faggot needs his arse handed to him.  If he wants to ban guns, then he shouldn’t whine when somebody crawls through his fucking window to rape his white arse and he has nothing to defend himself with.  Because remember, the criminals don’t care about gun bans.  They will have guns no matter what.  They only people that have guns in a country where guns are banned, are the bad people, because they don’t give a FUCK about your laws.  Hence, why they are labeled criminals.  This little bitch Hogg and his lame fucking brain, makes me sick.)
  • Candidate for Sheriff threatens death to people that do not hand in their guns (Shauns notes:  This is fucking insane.  They call us people that dare to speak about fluoride being a bad thing in your water treatment plants crazy, but a possible Sheriff orders death on people that don’t hand in their guns (1984 anyone?) and nobody cares.  Fuck.  We really are in a sad state of affairs.  People should be screaming from the roof tops about this, but nope, they’d rather waste their time watching shit sucking football games.  Unreal.)
  • Hogg reminds Rob of a kid from Children of the Corn.  (Shauns notes:  Hahahahahah.  Hit the nail on the head.  Some little bastard kid that wants to eat your fucking soul…)
  • Rob grabbed some pro-gun t-shirts – “Don’t like guns?  Don’t buy one!”  (Shauns notes:  I would have though that was obvious, but as Rob knows all too well, people need their government to do their thinking for them.  What’s insulting the most is the fact that these tards that want guns banned, think for a moment that we are ALL unstable maniacs that wish to go on a rampage and massacre huge numbers of people, just because of the unstable few or the paid agents that have done it in the past.  Hogg would have us believe that because Dylann Roof went on a killing spree, that we must also be unstable and want to go on a killing spree.  BULLSHIT!  As we have said for countless years, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”.  The proof is in the pudding isn’t it?  Robert is not a mass killer with a gun.  I am not a mass killer with a gun.  YOU are not a mass killer with a gun.  Just because a retarded fuckwad runs out there to kill a lot of people, does not make the gun guilty and nor does it make stable people such as you and I guilty.  You’re being lied to.)
  • Caller calls in to speak about things that Robert has been talking about and comments on one of the clips
  • Jim in Missouri speaks about the control of spending and knee jerk reactions – And how Trump maybe outwitting those around him by playing the players
  • Rose calls in and speaks about still having hope that Trump will do something for America

And much much more…


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