TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2018-03-13

On this 6 hour edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about:

  • Glasses high for Nick Spero, of Circus Maximus.  He will be missed but we must celebrate him and his work!
  • Glin the perverted bastard in the local town of Myrtleford blames young kids for sexual activity
  • Israel becoming a ‘refuge for pedophiles,’ warns advocate for child sex abuse victims – Israel News –
  • TRANS-AGE_ Pedophile Charged With Abusing 3 Girls Says He’s A 9-Year-Old Trapped In Man’s Body _ Daily Wire
  • California school science project that connected race and IQ is pulled after complaints _ Fox News
  • Trump Wants Drug Dealers to Get Death Penalty _
  • Alt-Lite YouTuber Brittany Pettibone Banned from the UK _
  • Little Bitch Oompa Loompa Gadsden Clears Air About Recent Events
  • AFL Footy Show – Gay Marriage
  • The Truth about Football and Sports-AlanWatt
  • This TRUTH Actually Aired in 1981 – Why Would the Elites Allow it
  • John Percent sends Shaun some audio and Shaun comments accordingly
  • Shaun plays a call between he and Robert Reyvolt of Incendiary Radio from RBN

And much more as usual…


10 thoughts on “TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2018-03-13

  1. ***CLARIFICATION(if he didn’t do it afterwards as the rant went on)***

    Michael Savage is the Jew mocking the Founding Fathers and conservative radio/TV hosts that laud them…

    Mike Rivero is the deliberately cunning pseudo-patriot, RBN’s #1 talk show host(who is good for daily political news updates) yet the one mocking chemtrail WITNESSES(like the network owner Stadtmiller!) and no 757 at the Pentagon common sense folks!

    Just wanted to say I was criticizing two different guys; Savage has a HUGE white following in the United State, but he is an Israel-first kike and homosexual!(exposed by Alex Jones back before he became compromised & bought off!)

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    • Savage is just another ling winded jew bag calling Schumer a nazi. Rivero is a crypto jew who believes planes hit the towers. This isnt “flat earth” science, no planes is verifiable because there was no plane wreckage, anywhere. Americans are the dumbest mother fuckers.

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      • Not ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Americans are dumb motherfuckers. Ha! Sorry, the opportunity was there.

        I will say this though, in all seriousness, that there are more Americans waking up than there are Canadians and Australians. And especially more than the English in England. If American was on par with Australia in numbers, both 300,000,000, the Americans would be in front by a long shot.


  2. Information for detoxing/heavy metal cleanse:
    This could help alleviate some symptoms of chemtrail spraying. Also, an alternative health care doctor told me last month that eating fresh cilantro everyday could help as well.
    (RIP Nick Spero, great host and great researcher. Condolences to his family and friends)

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  3. haha me.. ‘hey rose.. honey’
    rose.. ‘fuck you’
    me.. ‘wut’
    rose… ‘don;t call me that’
    me.. ‘why not’
    rose ‘well cos im a lefty quantas suck my own thank you ‘
    me .. ‘okay have fun’


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