Black Listed News w/ Doug Owen (RBN) 2018-03-11

On this edition of BLN Doug speaks about:

  • Human kind soon to be able to take flight to Planet Mars
  • Direct democracy could be a way to go (Shauns notes:  True democracy never had/has a representative.  What we have now, where a representative is in place, is not democracy and never has been.  It’s just a typical molestation of words and peoples minds to make them THINK it’s democracy.)
  • More and more people waking up to being spied on, on their “smart” phones
  • Rick in Arizona speaks about how people would survive on Mars outside of terraformation and how it’s all a fraud  (Shauns notes:  Can we even get past the belts?)  Doug later touches on this.
  • Maxine is black and if you call black people dumb, then you are a wayciss.  Don’t be wayciss you evil white Donald Trump, you!

And more….


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