Once-Upon-A-Time In Western Civilisation

Something that people should spread far and wide. Too many times do I hear that people don’t realise that the jews themselves admit what they are up to these days. They no longer hide it.

TCTA Unleashed / WTFR

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Once-upon-a-time there was a group of white people that formed White Western Civilisation.  These white people created great things, such as cars, buses, trains and even helped man reach the skies.  Easy rules to follow were written into books so that white men, women and children could live happily together and these rules were followed down to the letter.  But then, something changed.

A hooked nosed cretin called Le-Happy-Merchant came along one day and in order to remain happy, he had to feed his parasitical needs.  He started changing the simple rule book, in order to degenerate the good white people.  “Greet people warmly”, changed to “ignore people as they go by you”, “read educational books”, changed to “look at this naked female spreading her legs in this dirty magazine”, “watch educational documentaries” changed to, “watch Rambo and guts…

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One thought on “Once-Upon-A-Time In Western Civilisation

  1. The common European had very little control or freedom over his life. The European still exercises little control or jurisdiction over his own personal affairs. The early freemasons knew this, but they had already “yeomanned” their way out of the profanity thru the lodges. The unfortunate truth is, once the jewish Columbus disease took hold, this was judaisms hooks into the New World along with all the sexual slavery and devices that came the slave trade, rum, merchant piracy. More whites served as slaves than blacks. If the Europran is going to save itself, it needs to become self sufficient. In groups.


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