Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2018-03-04

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • Can this planet get anymore insane?  Yes it can!
  • Mark Dice speaks about the Orwellian nature of YouTube and the SPLC among other things
  • South African gangsters seizing the white farmers land  (Shauns notes:  Go figure.  Don’t forget to listen to this edition of TCTA where Shaun speaks with Karen Smith about the killing of white South Africans.  This is nothing new, this has been happening for the last 50 years there abouts.)
  • We will be happy to have the white people back over here, so kick them out of South Africa, but fair is fair and we in tow get to kick every black out of Europe.  (Shauns notes:  Sounds like a great fucking plan to me.  Let’s do it!  Blacks can fuck off back to their shit pit and our whites can come here or to America, England etc….  I will house a few white families until they get on their feet here in Australia.)
  • Rob makes a great point about the whole Zieg Heil deal (Shauns notes:  It’s funny how every fucking disgusting kike likes to speak about the 6 million myth but never want to mention anything about the 70-100 million white Christians killed by jews during the Bolshevik Revolution a.k.a. the Red Revolution.)
  • South African woman calls into Kike Savage and speaks about the same types of things that Karen Smith has spoken about time and time again…  (Shauns notes:  I have a neighbour that has a white South African friend here in Australia that speaks about all of this and one of the main points they make is that the mainstream jew run media, refuse to touch on  it.  When are you politically correct social justice retards going to wake up to the fact that this is a white genocide.  I’m happy to say, that some of my 16 year old Sons friends online, understand that this is an attack on white people.  They are all around his age.  The elderly I meet here seem to get it too.  It’s only the baby boomer age groups and a bit younger that don’t seem to get it, because they were bought up by their televisions to believe that even when white people are dying en-mass that they should just join hands in a verse of kum-ba-fuckin-ya!  Fucking pussy cowards!)
  • Clip:  China Watch – The world cries tyranny
  • Dogs and Cats really are “man’s best friend” and they should be treated as such.  Eating them does not show love to the said Dog or Cat.  (Shauns notes:  Just another example of 3rd world savagery.  Who the fuck would eat such noble animals?)
  • If you’re using a card instead of cash when and where you spend, THEY have you by the balls and you need to check that!
  • Clip:  A gentleman speaks of what a militia is there to take back the country from the hands of tyranny (Shauns notes:  Isn’t it quaint, that the militia is always demonised in todays computer games.  I was playing the latest Batman game called Arkham Knight recently and they made the militia look like a bunch of criminals.  Criminal groups have never been a part of a militia, because the militia does not accept unprovoked violence.  They only wish to maintain the safety of their families.  The media and many of the gaming companies obviously have an agenda, to be lying the way they are about the militia.)
  • Alex Jones refuses to talk about important issues (Shauns notes:  Jones is one of the reasons that this world is where it is.  He exposes a few things here and there but never talks about the most important issues such as the jesuits and/or the jews.  He’s a half truther at best.)
  • The founding of the state of Israel has significance today and you will have to listen to the Rob’s broadcast as to why  (Shauns notes:  Very important.)
  • Trump and his possible gun confiscation
  • Clip:  Bill Maher – Clip was removed and this is how JewTube rolls.  They delete shit they don’t want people to know…

And much more…


6 thoughts on “Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2018-03-04

  1. Oh yeah!!!

    As I likewise have WARNED in recent weeks, Savage(‘Wiener’) is taking up the white genocide cause; and as Robert has so perfectly pointed out, deceptively so!!!

    The ruse is, as it was way back in Charlottesville, stir up STUPID whites to react! Provoke a response, organize a visible & very PUBLIC group as answer to Antifa…every white male is in the crosshairs of the Jew…they’re provoking the f**k out of us right now…and when you step forward, in defense of the white raise, they will assess your contribution, your potential, and they will either EMPLOY you to draw more whites to yourself so they can shoot you all in a barrel, they will use the corrupt and unconstitutional police to harass & bankrupt you in order to REMOVE you from the battle while they transfer your assets from you to them, or they will just sick the manipulated welfare class, and unchained hardened criminal non-whites on you to cause you severe physical harm or death!

    It took them a long time to build this plantation or whites, they did it right under our noses, in our front yards, broadcast it on television and reported it to you on radio; but just like Michael Savage the Jew openly MOCKED you, “your compassion made you WEAK”!!!

    The Jews killed Christ!!! Now, today’s Christians think the Jews are their friends, as well as a mission field for conversion, and of course worthy of their COMPASSION as the 6 million lie is shoved down them and their children, and presently as Fox News is reporting that Iran & Russia & Syria with Hezbollah and some 160,000 rockets and missles in southern Lebanon are poised to destroy their phony political State; despite ALL the evidence that they are the authors of vice, and sociopathic liars and theives that prey on every last community of white accomplishment and prosperity as was TOLD to them by white men of renown who have known the Jew from the beginning!

    But whitey wouldn’t listen, and the Judaized churches have all made them weak, and now a Jewish millionaire takes up the white genocide mantle and MOCKS whites for being so dumb, so weak, and so ignorantly compassionate & tolerant on the eve of their destruction!

    Today, Netanyahu is telling Trump, “you will finish what was started in the Middle East by 9/11, and topple our enemies, and help us sieze all the land we demand, or else you will suffer bimbo eruptions and public humiliation 10 times worse than Bill Clinton suffered”…there’s your white hero America, another puppet of Israel, who will do exactly what Chuck Schumer & Nancy Pelosi want done to white people!

    Thank You Robert for connecting the dots, it’s all hidden in plain view; many will fall victim to the psyop Savage & Alex Jones are running, but we who have studied and watched their hypocrisy & lies, and know their playbook will not!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey, Robert, why didn’t you tell that negro he didn’t belong here in America, not just Europe? And I agree I would take all the White people in Africa (except those who opposed apartheid) in exchange for all the blacks out of Europe, but I noticed that you pointedly did not mention sending American blacks back to Africa as well. Why?


    • I think Rockwell was right in what he said, “it’s too late”. He said that offering them safe return should be enough and then it’s up to them, because rounding up all the nigs in America is a pipe dream. It ain’t going to happen. They know how good they have it there.

      Just my two cents.


  3. ..oh…and thank you again Robert for tipping us off about the servers potentially having their tips confiscated by big Trump donors!!!

    I just had a nice conversation with my Denny’s waitress, and I told her to alert her friends in the industry/profession…she makes $2.30, and if they bumped her to minimum wage in exchange for taking her tips, agreed that’d be BULL SHIT!

    That’s why your show is one of the best!


  4. these guys like mr.Savage think there’s no accountability for their words and actions … meanwhile come and visit Australia mr.Savage…come,


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