Black Listed News w/ Doug Owen (RBN) 2018-03-04

** Needless to say, that there was very little I (Shaun) agreed with on this edition of BLN. **

On this edition of BLN, Doug speaks about:

  • Fake news for Russian military industrial complex
  • A slippery slope for Donald Trump wanting to confiscate guns from accused
  • The only people that had guns during the amnesty were the criminals
  • People often don’t see themselves as supreme compared to another race (Shaun’s notes:  Given that the jews no longer hide the fact that they are in control of the planet, I dare say, they do.  They even admit that jews run all 9 major studios in hollywood.  Whilst they may have hidden it for some years, they don’t any longer.  And yes, I am a White Supremacist and I have no shame in that.  We are the master race.  There is a reason the black South Africans need white people to create their water wells.  It’s because they don’t know how.  Even after educating them, when white men and women leave, their countries ALWAYS fall to pieces.  ALWAYS!)
  • The blacks now want to be the oppressor (Shaun’s notes:  Of course they want to be the oppressor, that’s what happens when you let a savage off the leash.  Apartheid worked and should have been left intact.  The only time the niggers ever behaved is when they were picking cotton under the orders of the white man.  And this will happen again, once enough whites see what is going on right there before them.)
  • Punching people because of skin color or different race (Shauns notes:  Isn’t it funny?  Usually the first races to turn verbal debate into a physical fight are the darkies, yet whitey still seems to get the blame.  Whilst I discuss the truth about different races without delusions, I have received death threats.  Again, that’s what happens when you let a savage off the leash.)
  • Guns don’t kill people, racist people kill people  (Shaun’s notes:  The whole notion that because one is a self confessed racist, that must make them a killer, is ludicrous.  Whilst I understand that Doug is not necessarily saying this, a lot of people think this way.  Racists are no different to any other person, besides the fact they are not delusional about the differences between races.  Most of us are family orientated men and women and love our own people very much.  There were no rules about who we should like or dislike and this includes groups and races of people.  I don’t see why people have a problem, with who I want to hang out with and who I don’t want to hang out with.  If people want to hang out with sand niggers and have brown babies, go right ahead, but then don’t tell me and mine we have to as well.)

And more…


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