Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2018-02-25

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Pat joins Rob for the first hour and they discuss:

  • Infowhores under attack by social media lackies, Jones chucking a fat mans fit
  • The SSRI angle is being pushed when it comes to Cruz
  • Trump has the better idea of arming the teachers instead of taking the peoples guns
  • Clip:  Cruz could be a school shooter in the making but no report was made
  • ** Shaun had to step out unexpectedly and was not here to bleep out a few breaks **
  • Rob is a member of certain groups in order to let Big Brother know that he is onto them
  • Clip:  Dr. Watt speaks about how fixed bills will be passed – Due process is considered
  • Social media platforms are taking things so far, that they select what you can and cannot say – (Shauns notes:  Free speech my arse.  These platforms have not an iota of respect for the Founding Fathers or the constitution.  They are communist traitors and need to be dealt with accordingly.  The punishment for communist traitors under the constitution of America is death.  Perhaps it’s also time to refresh their memory on Declaration of Independence.)
  • Clip:  Jones goes nuts as usual accusing Islamists because people were in camo but never mentions a thing about possible jewish mossad elements  (Shauns notes:  Given that Jones’ new wife is also an ugly kike bitch, I am not at all surprised…  How anyone can listen to Jones I don’t know.  He sounds like he has had one kosher pretzel too many and a grain of rock salt has entered his larynx causing some type of gross infection…)

And much more as always…


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