Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2018-02-18

On this edition of Incendiary Radio Rob has Dr. Fetzer on and the gentlemen speak about:

  • The falsities of the Florida shooting and Dr. Fetzer’s knowledge on previous shootings
  • The Fort Lauderdale shooting and how they are tightening up on luggage checks for guns
  • Putting into the minds of the blacks that the shooter was a member of White Nationalism
  • Trump was one of the very few prominently speaking the truth about what took place on 9/11
  • Dead kids of Sandy Hook turn up months later alive and well at the Super Bowl
  • Hilary as mad as a hatter would have seen America at war in a heartbeat – Also the Hilary death count
  • Clip:  Mark Dice speaks about “Schifft for brains”
  • The system has done well in turning our youth into communists (Shaun’s notes:  I have said it for years on-air.  Our kids are becoming little soldiers of the New World Order or what some of us call the “Jew World Order”)
  • Clip:  Phil Mudd and his ridiculous acting isn’t fooling anybody and this includes his false bullshit crying
  • Paul in New Jersey talks about how he has been disappointed with Trump due to false promises and much more
  • Dune speaks about something he found over at God Like Productions a forum for conspiracy like subjects  (Shaun’s notes:  The conspiracy is not on the side of RBN or Godlike Productions, it’s on the side of those that create the conspiracy, such as the Rothschilds or Rockefelles, so I don’t know how GLP or RBN can be called Conspiracy Nuts…  The Rothschilds and such no longer hide their intention for a New World Order…)
  • Dave in Massachusetts takes us back to some other events from the past
  • Bill in Wisconsin calls in and talks about how he enjoyed hearing Dr. Fetzer and more
  • This is the time that we have to be armed – Rob reads what Shaun had to say about being disarmed for self defense
  • Richard in Austin wants to endorse Donald Trump because he said, “we created ISIS” among other things

And much more as usual…


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