Rockwell Reminder Coming Up

That’s right ladies and gents, sometimes we forget those that are most important to us.  Sometimes we forget good men like George Lincoln Rockwell, but more importantly, we forget his legacy.  I like to slap people upside their stupid fucking heads once in a while, with a reminder and that’s what I will be doing later today.

Get your diapers on, you little whiney bitches because this show is going to be hardcore.



One thought on “Rockwell Reminder Coming Up

  1. Too much has been lost, put aside, or forgotten. Shopping, sports, and Hollywood are priorities of the day. Not the loss of our White heritages and cultures. A lot of people’s sacrifices too as well as unsung warriors and heroes are forgotten. Our enemies sure as hell make sure we hear their crap on a daily basis. Daily we hear, “Israel,” “Jews,” “poor Jews,” “Help Israel,” “support Israel” or some such shit/globalism/brain-washing, daily, daily.

    LOL I don’t need diapers but I’ll have some green tea ready.

    Just stumbled onto this clown…. again.

    Seen this yet? Some juicy info, 4 long videos. She has pissed some people off.

    I am making friends locally with the Cath-O-lick churches. lol
    It used to be free all over Utube but is being deleted and hard to find fast.

    I thought the new Wonder Woman looked like a kike. She is. Yuk. Figures. They are replacing all the old time comic book heroes of old with them. This stupid broad playing Wonder Woman from Isra-hell, and far from being like the original one protecting the good ol’ USA wearing our colors brightly, proudly, and being a real patriot. Nope, this Jew wears darker shades of color, saves Israel and the globalist. Just like they ruined “Iron Man” with Robert Jewey Downey Jr. and on it will go until we are neck deep in Zionist pigs, with their names, noses, faces, representing everything, controlling everything, and communities full of them. With us Whites heading for the work camps like good little Goy, or dead. Guess we are the new Zion or suburb of Israel from across the pond. Just sad that comics from the days of my youth and much more isn’t safe or to be kept American or patriotic like the old days. Even with Jew producers/artist it wasn’t this bad.

    Like there aren’t American actors or non-Jews that can entertain or work in Hollywood? No they gotta bring them in by the thousands from around the world to over-populate us here and take over everything… White. Oh but they are “People of Color.” But in politics and Christian churches to academia they claim to be…. White or Caucasian. lol


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