Anglin Never Seems To Get It ‘Right’

As many of you know, I have never been a fan of Andrew Anglin.  Not because he uses shock tactics and such, no no no, it goes much further than that.

If you take a look at the below article and clip within, it’s a good example of what I mean.

I can’t believe Anglin and his whores take people like this seriously? The bloke looks like a new age fucking retard with all that shit in his face. We have a bloke similar to this in the local area and he wears tights, tight shorts and has those same earings. They all want to look different, but they don’t, they all just look like a bunch of fucking morons.

That’s the problem I have with Anglin. He’s like Richard Spencer in some ways, where he acts like he’s this hardcore white nationalist, yet he fucked his way across Asia and promotes fagots like the one in the above article/clip, just because he gets a few things right.  Well in that case, they might as well promote niggers like Tommy Sotomayor also, because he is forever calling the niggers out.

I personally don’t give a fuck about who gets something right, if they look like that.  Appearances meant everything to Hitler and good men such as Rockwell, because it was a part of Uniform, Respect and Intelligence.  Hitler would be rolling in his grave if he thought he had people of this lowly stature so called fighting for him.

Don’t forget too, Spencer did the same kind of thing.  He acted all kinds of white nationalist and then invites homos and rapists to his conferences.  And as usual, Anglin jumps on anything he thinks will bring him numbers and promotes Spencer and that little obnoxious fagot looking thing called PewdiePie.

There is no way that you could call this bloke in the clip a Nazi, simply because Hitler would not have accepted him in that state of being. Shit in his face and all.  Looks like a punk and I am almost positive that Rockwell would have seen these “pug” types strung up high along side the homos.  And for the love of Christ Anglin wouldn’t have stood a chance with Hitler or Rockwell after his shenanigans with his little Asian whores.  *vomit*


2 thoughts on “Anglin Never Seems To Get It ‘Right’

  1. I don’t know much about the Anglin guy or the pugs, whatever.

    I am a mutt. Irish, Welsh, Scotch, Dutch, Manx, German, “Johnny Bull” old Englisher/Brit – whatever they want to be called today. Some I take it had tats through the generations and in war times. The merchant mariners on those tall ships of old had gold ear rings. Primarily used at times of death for burial I’m told and various tats telling a life story or old sea boundary lines crossed. Some dressed odd, some wore dress-like garb, kilts. lol Maybe no under-wear. Some animal skins. None I know of or in my research or talking to old folk did… African like stuff. If some old White tribes did some extreme things for fact I’d like to hear about it.

    I think the “count” needs a lip plate.

    I made it through life so far with just one left ear pierced long ago and zero tats. When asked about why no tats and such I’d normally reply.. ‘why would I want to do what everybody else is doing to be part of the herd or be trendy to fit in?’ ‘Or cool?’ It’s not being an individual doing the same things seemingly everybody else is doing then calling it being “individuals” within the ‘group-think’ cliques. Claiming the rest of us should be doing what they all do for one reason or the other. Old fashion I suppose.

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    • I’m not against tattoos at all. The ancient Celts, both on the Scottish side and the Irish side had tattoos; the Vikings had tattoos, even the ancient and recent Maoris had tattoos, but they weren’t that generic shit you see on tattoo palour walls that everybody seems to get, in order to be a so called “individual”. They were tattoos that explained their own lives.

      I do the same thing. I have tattoos that speak to my life experiences and not one of them are done by a tattoo parlour. They are done my friends so that I can tell my story. This is not to say that they are visible on the most part. Mine are hidden unless I wear a singlet.

      I’m also not against an ear piercing should it pertain to a life story. Early ear piercings as such were not a piece of steel through the ear, but rather a brand against the lobe. It helped explain what bloodline one was from or even told a life story.

      We’re not talking about this though. We’re talking about these little “pug” bitches that do it out of being a show pony or to look “tough”. There is no good moral value behind it.

      Don’t get me wrong, when I was a teenager, I had 7 ear piercings because I was a “young dumb full of cum” teenager, but again, that’s not what we are talking about here. We are talking about grown men, acting like little show pony whore punks.

      Anglin simply takes these ponies under his wing to gain recognition and henceforth numbers and henceforth more donations.

      I give the lip plate blackies one thing. They at least do it out of tribalism. The “Count” and all those around him, do it simply to “look bad”, being the show ponies they are and Anglin whores it out for them.


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