The Way a Parent SHOULD Handle Things

Shaun finally finds the douche bag that was caressing his 12 year old Daughter over there on a Minecraft server and lets him have it with both barrels.

This is the way a parent should take care of his Son or Daughter, no matter what the law fucking says.



17 thoughts on “The Way a Parent SHOULD Handle Things

  1. Fuck yeah! Go Shaun! That’s how you deal with cretins. I just love how the dude had no respect either. Most kids today aren’t taught that. You could hear in his voice he’s not sorry. I’m sure he will be hitting on other 12 year olds soon and probably already is.

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    • Yeah, and he tried to throw in the “sir” word like the kid respected anything or anyone. Pity he didn’t call for mommy or daddy and put them on the phone….if he is a kid. Then says he isn’t “developed either.” What is they say over yonder? He sounded like a “pussy bitch – wanker?”

      Damn. The state was called in on me because I had my daughter doing home chores and wanting to run the streets with her school friends at age 14. It was far from slave labor they all claimed doing the dishes was. I was swiftly informed here that the children had more rights than I do then given a long list of things I had to let her do, including picking who she ran with, or how late to stay out at night. Then the state and politically correct think parents should not be parents, to allow the state and public schools to raise the kids and allow anything imaginable to happen to them with increased chances to be victims.

      Freaking screwed up world.

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      • Yes. This was like in 1980 to 86. A local English teacher was telling kids at school that weren’t happy or feeling like their civil rights were being violated how to get “emancipated.’ So they could live on their own and away from parents. And that liberal (sic) female teacher didn’t like the idea of a father having total custody of a female child. It wasn’t the “Marx-feminist thing to allow.

        CPS had me go to court and play games. Ended up for her worse than she got and never emancipated. Instead she ended up in foster care, a group home, foster care, and allowed to run nuts and do what she pleased all before the age of 18.

        “The state” gave me a list of demands that included:
        I had to pay her minimum wage for all home chores.
        I could not set a curfew or time to be in at night.
        She could leave and run whenever, but she had to leave me a phone number for emergency contact with her, and a note saying where she may be going and who with. Just a note required, no discussions. On school nights she could run until 12 or one am.

        I could not pick her running mates or friends, or boy friends.
        I could not force her to do homework. Or take away “privileges.”
        I could not tell her what to watch on TV. Like if she told me she needed to watch South Park or something goofy for home work or school assignments.

        I could was told it was not proper for me, a Harley rider then, to promote or engage our family White history with her. Or having pride in her heritage. The school was to teach about the various heritages and ethnic contributions to America. Very odd stuff huh?

        I was evil for just having a Harley but a independent rider, no club memberships. And for not going to a church back then. Then chewed out for showing up at a parent teacher meeting while out riding and in my leathers in chilly weather, on my way to work. Oh us evil motorcycle riding white guys.

        And on it went until she didn’t show up at home one day after school. The teacher put her in a group home, which my daughter hated, then to foster care, etc. Daughter finally when older told me what was going on. That the state workers, teachers, their lawyers, told her to lie in court and agree with whatever they reported. I tried to sue them all for various reasons. Defamation, mis-conduct, purgery, etc. Found out in fast time… state officials and some others are …”immune from prosecution.” And local lawyers said it would cost too much money to fight it all, or didn’t want to get involved.

        I thought Indiana was bad about this stuff until I read up on CPS and the likes in Florida with kids being abused, left to die, or killed. Or taken away from parents for the same reason.

        yep One sick world we live in. Reality is, can be, stranger than fiction.

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      • SM.
        We get the same attitudes and being ignored over the threats, abuse, negligence, professional misconduct, zero ethics, harms done, when dealing with Veteran’s Admin healthy care. That is why vets have set themselves on fire in VA parking lots and suicide daily to try to get public attention. It hasn’t worked and the public don’t give a damn. That includes the whole sheebang, meaning media, politicians top to bottom, unions, those “females” in the women’s marches who also support crap like the NAACP, Antifa, BLM, One Peoples Project, ACLU, SPJL and the rest of the distracting destructive scum out there. Trashy Hollyweird, sports, the many kinds of homos and sickos, Kardashian’s asses, perverts, animal welfare tops human care or more important issues of the day. With seemingly kids, veterans, truth, honesty, honor, morals, ethics, our countries priorities that should be kept in full sight, etc., coming in last.

        While now they have been having issues with senior citizens and kids dealing with “medical kidnapping” by the corrupt state and those wanting to bust families up, to wanting to make some money off of others in every way possible. Then like the CPS or the state medical boards claiming they are out to preserve the family unit and help them stay together which is all total BS and propaganda. Anything for a buck or to destroy our family or White culture or western ways they will do it.

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      • Wow….I can’t even read through that all, it’s so sickening. I don’t know how anyone could be so vile and evil as to harm children like that, I really don’t. But people don’t want to rise up and do anything about that. They’d rather watch the Superbowl to see vastly overpaid blacks who hate their guts throw a ball around. Over 103 million tuned in for that this past Sunday. I’d say that is a HUGE part of our problem. The information is out there but most people prefer their bread and circuses.

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    • I did that on many occasions fucking years ago wise arse. Where were you at that time again?

      Yeah, didn’t think so.

      Any of my older listeners, especially those from Oracle and Orion could have told you that, but you being a cocky cunt couldn’t even ask around first, right?

      Fuck stick.

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      • They can’t research on their own? Must have broken fingers or expect others to do everything for them. Agent provocateurs.

        Hell. Just went through two eye surgeries and waiting on glasses to read and drive with. I can still do some research, some typing, and raging. Lazy ass people want spoon fed information and then patted on the back to burp. Poor babies.

        Good day to you over yonder!

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  2. It’s top to bottom.

    Oy vey!!! Surprised this hasn’t been scrubbed from the net.
    But you have to pay, of course, to read the entire story. Don’t have to. I think we all know what Israel is all about and their U.S. government too.

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