TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2018-02-04

On this edition of TCTA Shaun takes the trash out in hopes to clean the colon for the movement.  The “bowel movement”.

He then moves on to speak on a few articles and play some clips.


7 thoughts on “TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2018-02-04

  1. Shaun,

    Damned good thing for many I don’t have your gift, the ability, to talk or have a radio show. lol

    No need for apologies to me, but understood, accepted. More people need to wake up and chastise these wanna-be WN out there that are doing more harm than good. Standing up to the liars and freaks, traitors, Zionist ass kissers, got me banned from the likes of Stormfront many years ago, and a few others. No great loss there either. It just exposes what they are truly about, how far some will go to fit in with their cliques, and their real agendas. Talk about some “lemmings.” Most of them should look in a mirror including those around my age as well as the younger ones who think they know it all. To put their sick egos in check, if possible. But most out there think we should all just bow to them in total silence without question. Kinda like dealing with Jews and other assorted scum-bags. The liars, agent provocateurs, fakes, pussies, don’t want challenged and refuse to engage in discussions in the open about whatever the dispute is.

    We live in one sick ass world. Local news would not show a picture of this poor child.

    You have to watch your kids, very close. Damn molesters are rampant. Sad to hear it is that bad over there too.

    It takes years to get to really know people. It takes going through some bad times and the good to know someone. I had so-called friends I knew for many years or gone to school with. A few of them that I allowed to live with me to help them get on their feet in bad times. Turns out a couple of gents I didn’t know deeply enough especially if they were drinking a bit too much and I wasn’t around.

    Example: One put the moves on my daughter, 12 yrs old at the time. He was thirty. Another guy I knew for years was breaking into my home with his friends while I was at work and they were stealing stuff. The pedophile was easy enough to catch, easy to notice some things, no damage done. The thieves not so easy but finally figured out who it was. Problem is we keep running into people like this, male and female, through our lives and some difficult to see the real person behind their possible facade of pretending to be good people, or friends. Seems to me there are more sick ass people in the world today than good. With all this homo stuff, hate thought crimes coming, or hate speech laws, SJW shit, to political correctness making things one hundred times worse. Plus the governments telling parents how or what to teach their own children, or, what to allow in their lives. Or to tell us who we are supposed to trust like some sick ass school teachers or professors. Throw in the perverts in the so-called “WN movement” who support sick stuff just magnifies the problems.

    Then to think parents like me, not perfect though, are condemned, try to tell kids that there is a huge difference in having mere acquaintances and real friends. What cliques to stay away from. While they are confused between the ‘stranger – danger’ warnings and then told they live in a safe “Kumbayah” world and should love, trust, and be totally tolerant of everybody out there. While White females are asked or told to prove they aren’t racist by having sex with some black or brown piece of filth out there to fit in. What a F-ed up world kids today have to navigate to remain safe and productive, while trying to learn our own heritages, history, cultures, that is being dumped.

    Or the hypocrisy and lies of them being individuals but not allowed to be. Instead they have to ‘fit in’ to all the group-think and main stream political correctness or else suffer the consequences or loss in grades if they are in some lefty commie university. Then the kids or people think they are “free?” More sick shit.

    If people, White people, don’t speak out, who will? Especially in the WN “bowel movement.” Talmud lovers to the ‘politically correct’ seem to love and support this BS.

    Sick “shit.”
    Probably coming to town near us all. Even seen this “shit” going on locally by illegals/refuges and few seem to care, or is reported in the news. If it was me being an older gent and has to pee often is seen taking an emergency pee in the bushes on the side of the interstate will be given a ticket or lectured about peeing at the side of a road. Doesn’t matter if I am hidden and folks can’t see anything. While those freaks can shit at the side of a store.. in full view of the public is, or must be, acceptable cause they are brown/black and illegal or poor stupid immigrants/refugee that don’t know better. Total nonsense.

    Tay thing got me thinking about AI taking over things and screwing everything up. Funny stuff.

    “Artificial intelligence, referred to as AI, effectively enables computers to mimic the cognitive function of human minds, while machine learning gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.”

    “Google claims to be able to predict your future, but is it real?”

    That shit is like being told by some at the Veteran’s Hospital that ‘we vets are all criminals, but by AI and studies, and training from the top says, if we are not criminals now we will be.” They can read or minds and predict the future. One of the many reasons I left that ‘free health care’ I am supposed to get. Free doesn’t get us competent, caring, ethical care at all. Sometimes just the opposite and by too many foreigners to activist (Antifa, BLM, Marx-feminist types) working in all the health care fields today who don’t give a damn.
    The stupid bastards.

    I just had to rage rage rage myself to get the day started.

    Another good show man!! Thanks!!

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  2. WOW!!!

    It’s definitely drama…this keyboard-warrior basement dweller levels no less than 4(presumably derogatory) slur adjectives at my good/name and efforts???

    “CI” – a collective term I don’t subscribe to, and I’ve explained that…and won’t bother to anymore at WTFR, since it is simply not the place for that discussion…

    “Ron Paul” – most fiscally restrained elected representative America has seen since World War II…more good than bad…

    “Libtard” – not even close, if Blau-boy is using the contemporary usage of the word which ONLY describes every Obama/Hillary supporter of communism the world over; but, if Blau-boy is using it to slander Libertarians, perhaps you prefer having more and more government up your arse!

    “Plumber” – a trade that has made a lot of white men willing to dirty their hands a lot of money; whereas this constant typing to attempt to slander Shaun will not!!!

    Keep it up Shaun, keep watching/listening and exposing the bowel movement for what it is; self-destructive compromise just trying to cash in!!!

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  3. Just an observation here.

    Shaun, when you first started WTFR you kicked off saying you were going to ignore all the idiots & forge ahead on your own path to work for the betterment of our lot as white men & women. I thought that was a great way to start as others all around were bogged down in all the drama & not really moving ahead with anything.

    Now it seems you’ve really just fallen into the same sticky trap as everyone else you were initially critiquing. I’m not attacking you mate but from out here it actually just looks like you’re spending way too much time now doing exactly what you criticize everyone else of doing. Appearances are everything when it comes to the initial perception of the viewer.

    You’re quite welcome to say you don’t give a f*** what anyone thinks but as I said, this is just a simple observation of how it looks from out here. I don’t tack on any misplaced advice or suggestions – that’s for you to work out.

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    • Thats a fair comment mate. Have a listen to the latest show where I talk about a comment made by Loges and how I’m separating the wheat from the chaff so to speak.

      In any case, this wasn’t just about taking out the trash, it was also about defending my family.

      On the same token, question Rob, do you fight against the jew because of their antics? Then why shouldn’t you be taking out the trash as well?

      My point is, if the jew is detrimental to the movement and some of these networks and/or people on them are as well, then why do we take on one, but not the other?

      If we’re going to clean house, then we have to recognise that the jew isn’t the only one at fault here and we have to deal with every aspect of the fight.

      Cheers for the comment.


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