Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt 2018-02-04 (RBN)

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob talks about:

  • Sports being overrun by insanity these days including the opening music and dance
  • Clip:  NFL network official channel – A new approach to community treatment  (Shauns notes:  I happen to think that cops have been treating criminals the way they need to, outside of the Police State.)
  • Jay Z may try and enter into politics, based on certain things said – “Jay Z 2020”  (Shauns notes:  Leading into idiocracy… The black thug rapper that was president…  And there were politicians around the world saying “to compare idiocracy with reality is an insult”.  Bullshit. It’s happening.)
  • We are in all kinds of war including civil war and people don’t want to see it  (Shaun’s notes:  And have been for the last 10 years at least.  It’s a gradual silent war.)
  • Clip:  Insanity going on in Canada – Rob doesn’t know how far they can push this type of thing
  • Clip:  Frank from North Carolina calls into Jones and goes off on Alex for bragging  (Shaun’s notes:  Now that was funny!  Alex really is an unstable mind.  Always has been, but people have been fluoridated into liking him.)
  • Clip:  Disgusting pedo-pig gets his son to kiss him for disturbing long amounts of time
  • Clip:  Brother Nataniel – The Mad Monk says the war on terror is over but there are bigger fish to fry
  • Rob speaks to some of the subjects going on over at Rense Radio
  • Clip:  Trans Age – NAMBLA types identifying as 12 year old girls so they can rape 12 year old boys and vice versa
  • Caller Shaun (me) calls in and speaks to Rob about NAMBLA and “pedosexuality” among other things
  • Rob is actually a black female 18 year old lesbian – Why?  Because he’s allowed to be of course
  • Clip:  Robots could soon be punishing humans as vehicles
  • 8.5 mile pyramid – Elongated skulls and all of this stuff, the discoveries are amazing
  • Clip:  Russian jet shot out of the sky – Pilot was killed fighting “terrorists”

And much more as usual!


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