TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus & Bob The Deltone

On this edition of TCTA Shaun and Bob speak about:

  • A dog run over by a cowardly fuck that couldn’t even stop to sympathise
  • Gun Laws in Australia – Let’s set the record straight
  • Abbo’s claim that Australia Day should not happen or should happen on different date
  • Retard psiguard tries attacking Shaun and then brings his children into it instead (Kike tactics)
  • Sweeteners breaking down your mind and your body – Time to change diet

And much more as usual…


14 thoughts on “TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus & Bob The Deltone

  1. My thoughts:

    On studies, polls, statistics, official narratives, false flag attacks/psy ops, I don’t believe any of them. All we are fed is BS and propaganda.

    One border study, counts, years ago stated that ‘fifty million’ illegals have entered America. That was backed up by a couple of border guards and American groups watching the border and estimating the flood of illegals coming in, and that jerks like the Catholic church was putting out food and water for. So they could cross the border regions safely and with provisions to see them make it across healthy and in good condition. That was like fifteen years ago and those reporting on those counts have never been heard about since. Instead we get numbers like a mere ‘8 to 11 million ‘immigrants,’ refugees,’ or illegals.

    On psipup: At my age and condition I will still take on any of those punks at Wolfie radio or elsewhere calling those like me “lemmings” just on my listening habits or interests. It shows their mentality, IQ at freezing temperatures, and cock-jaw absurdities. Silly children pretending to be WN or a level above need to get a real job and shut the F up. They wouldn’t have the balls to call me that to my face. They seem to be reflections from the traitorous scum at Stormfront or Hal Turner types. Threaten to shoot other white people if we didn’t agree with them or questioned them being in cahoots with the Zionist or being totally stupid or lying pigs.

    Sweeteners: I used to raise my own Bees for honey and “Apitherapy” for joint pain/issues. I learned that from a guy with MS and it works, A tad painful but it does help some out here if you don’t mind about 4 to 6 stings around per knee. Since we can’t get pain meds from the VA or doctors here any longer (but the fascist still claim it’s an issue, not the street dope). It’s no good for migraines. Tried that… hurt like hell, did nothing for the migraines. lol Be warned….do not try this at home kiddies.

    Do you know they use Aspartame in jails and prisons in those Kool-Aid packets they give them/prisoners? We will never hear about any damages done there.

    I know a coupe of guys who died and the doctors said they could not publically confess to it due to repercussions, that Aspartame was the root cause of their illnesses and death. The damned stuff processed differently could be used as rodent killer. Neurotoxin.

    I use honey, un-processed sugar or Stevia. Have some sugar issues but not as bad going the organic way or when using Stevia. Stevia is easy to grow too. Bee keeping can be a pain in the ass in many ways.

    Have you seen this?

    Oh well. Great show guys!!! Enjoyed it, appreciated it on another sleepless night in the corrupt evil globalist village called America.

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      • No guns, no defending your family. Guess I will just have to gouge the home intruders eyes out with a fucking spoon, or my personal fave, an apple corer.


    • Not to pry, but what country would that be?

      What about black powder firearms? Illegal too? Bear spray or cans of Wasp spray that shoot twenty feet. I can’t even imagine not growing up without firearms or not being able to have them, or to have one on me ready for action.

      Tazers/stun guns?

      What about making something like a potato or vegetable shooter using hair spray or pressed air for power? They made those illegal in the states because gangs were using them.

      Blow guns? Or those dart shooters they use in the Amazon by tribal people.

      Knee high socks with rocks. Rocks and slings, a nice powerful sling-shot. Hell, ball bats with nice spike nails in it like a mace.

      A spear-thrower or atlatl. Going ancient with battle axes, cat-o-nine tails with goodies at the ends for slicing and dicing. Martial arts weaponry. I can’t order throwing stars in my state. Nail boards. I’d have to have plenty of stuff laying around to go Spartan on someone’s ass especially if out numbered, or home invasion going room by room to the final retreat. With the enemies I’ve made at my age if a sniper doesn’t get me I better be ready to dance until I am down to leaving my false teeth in someones neck to remember by, and self-defense unbreakable cane wrapped around someones head.

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      • False teeth in someones neck hahahahahaha. You’re great man. Do what you have to, to make them pay.

        As for Jasper, he is in the Netherlands and his gun laws are worse than ours. They can’t have anything.

        Here in Australia, we can’t have sling shots and cross bows and such, not even Lemon Cannons, (gas cannons with frozen fruit in them that could possibly pot shot a politician in the head – A fruity jihad) but at least we can have compound bows without permits and A B C & D permits with extreme rules.

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      • LOL Fruity jihad!

        Netherlands? Wow, might be a nice place to visit, and have to watch the tourist traps but wouldn’t want to live there then.

        No sling-shots either. Wow, now that is a head scratcher. Used to make them all time when we were kids out playing. Then when older played with those sling-shots called wrist rockets that increased their power. Kid’s toys to me. I guess I’d have my butt in jail over there as a kid using rubber bands, or straws, to shoot paper spit balls around a classroom, or on the ceiling in school. To kill bugs on the play ground we’d straighten out paper clips so we could shoot them as projectiles at various things. That would surely get me put in stocks for public scrutiny and whipping. Kids today can’t have any fun at all seemingly. Or getting our butts warmed for having so much fun…. or just for being boys. Natural hunter-gatherers, little heathens. LOL

        Thanks for the info!


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