Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2018-01-28

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • Clip:  US Air force begins massive GPS black outs – Drills such as Red Flag – Possible conflict with North Korea
  • A large part of the alternative media right leaners are still on the Trump train
  • Most of the people that we have to deal with are not very sofisticated in their understanding of many things including Trump  (Shauns notes:  I agree whole heartedly…)
  • Leftists psych out because Kid Rock is quite conservative
  • U2 talking about the American dream and the so called resistance
  • Clip:  Trump speaks about strong economic growth
  • Clip:  The United Nations troops predominantly Chinese
  • Getting overwhelmed with everything that is going on – Some hosts on RBN don’t dig as deep as some of us
  • Clip:  The growth of nano-tech has taken off – It’s a hockey-stick
  • People are not seeing how deep this all goes and this makes it very difficult
  • Caller Jeff speaks about a great many things including the Vatican
  • Clip:  FB and Googles days are numbered apparently

And much more as usual…




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