TCTA Unleashed w/ Shaun Surplus 2018-01-27

On this edition of TCTA Shaun speaks about:

  • Ladies VS Feminism and where he stands
  • Gadsden and Beattie, with zero convictions
  • 1488 and what it means to be a white western man with convictions
  • Convictions
  • Convictions
  • And
  • Convictions
  • Flu Vaccines running rampant for lame pieces of gullible shit
  • Men and Women divorcing jealousy, leading to family breakups

And more…


11 thoughts on “TCTA Unleashed w/ Shaun Surplus 2018-01-27

  1. Shaun, I respect you, I love your podcasts, but you are absolutely wrong about Radio Wehrwolf promoting homosexuality. I have listened to hundreds of Radio Wehrwolf podcasts (no exaggeration), and I know it is strongly anti-homosexual.

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    • I didn’t say they “promote homosexuality” I said they accept it on certain levels, because that is what Gadsden initially said. I then went over to listen to a few broadcasts mate and there were two hosts that mentioned that each to their own when it comes to “sexuality”, including homosexuality. I will dig them up and play them as clips on the show soon dude.

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  2. Good show. Glad to hear your voice again too. It makes a sleepless night go by faster and easier. Sure as hell isn’t much interesting stuff on Jewtube to watch.

    Nice to hear you’re getting time with your kids and keeping busy. Hope your blood pressure is doing better too. Sounded like it. lol

    Marx-feminism is destroying/destroyed our white culture. Women wanting equality like in pay doing the same job is reasonable. “Who stole Feminism” is a fairly good book on the subject. I am old enough to remember when common sense “feminism” came to be, and remember well the Jews coming in and turning it into Marx-feminsm, with far left militant extremist, and the hate for men and thinking they should rule the world, making us males door-mats and pussies who should speak with our best baby talk voice we have. It also caused me my first divorce with their bull shit and support for women to go out and screw everything on two legs…or four… for kicks. To prove their power and freedoms like burning bras or not taking care of domestic home life as usual. Like you said. People can research it on their own but there is nothing like living through some history and seeing it re-written or some fabrications to make it look good, and who claims the credits for creating a destructive thing in White culture. Thanks Jews/Talmud/Marx/Zionism/Hollywood/Homos, etc.

    Take care over there!!

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    • And that’s what I’m talking about people. Indiana here not only supports the movement, but adds to the conversation. The way it should be!

      Great post man. You make sense!


      • Hear! Hear! Gadsen rates himself way too highly. TBH the first time I heard him speak I thought to myself “Who the fuck does this guy think he is?!”. Hitler was right in Mein Kampf about the age & experience required before a man is to be taken seriously in politics!

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  3. psiguard of Radio Werewolf brings my kids into an argument we are having behind the scenes about Gads and Beattie.

    “psiguard (1/31/18 11:10:48 AM):
    feel bad for sheildmaiden your ex and your kids having to endure your pisshead egotistical asshole antics

    psiguard (1/31/18 11:12:14 AM): eye can just block you…. they are the ones that really have to put up with your shite…”


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