So Many Emails For TCTA All of a Sudden

How quaint it seems, that all of a sudden the emails are coming in for the return of TCTA.  Since it’s been a while that I did a broadcast, (besides with Bob) people seem to think they “deserve” something.  Why?  Because you’re not getting your TCTA fix?  Well, perhaps that’s what happens when we weren’t getting the support when we needed it most.  No, instead we had a bunch of pussies, even too scared to use the comments section.  Sure, we got the emails in great numbers, but the comments section was almost empty.  A bunch of pussies.  And for those of you that are thinking “I don’t want to be tracked and traced”, fuck you too.  You’re a weakling at best and if you think you ain’t already being tracked and traced you’re a fucking idiot.

It’s strange you know, because other networks that promote useless fantasy propaganda and rhetoric get a fuck load of support, but those of us that take the niggers, spics and kikes to task without fear, are just left with the dregs that are too cowardly to do anything for their own families.  Fucking disgusting.

I was soon to be doing a broadcast as I usually would and then doing one with Bob, but you can all fucking get down and start suckin.  Ohhhhhh, did I hurt your poor ‘wittle’ feelings?  Fuckin GOOD!  You deserve it!  You did nothing to keep this network going when it comes to support and when I say support, it has nothing to do with financial support.  I have never asked for a cent.  This all comes out of my own pocket.  To this day, albeit that I do not do live shows very often, it still costs me money to keep the network running.  If I can financially support this, then you could have supported it in other ways.

“I’m too scared of being called racist, even though I know what you are saying is true Shaun”, is getting a bit old.  Grow a pair of testicles and I will consider doing some more broadcasts.


Thank You for your support go to:

  • Petre (He knows who he is and why)
  • Shield Maiden (Our Youtube support and great friend to the network)
  • John Percent
  • Gadsden
  • John Beattie
  • Colin Todd
  • Rob Black
  • South OZ Man
  • Jacko
  • Robert Reyvolt
  • Jew Banker  (Mock nickname of course)
  • JimmyX (1650 AM Buffalo NY)
  • Bob
  • James Lancia
  • Jeanice Barcelo
  • Ches Cain
  • Pauly Topete and Tara Beth

Among others I am sure I have not listed…


24 thoughts on “So Many Emails For TCTA All of a Sudden

  1. Give em hell Shaun! I’m with ya and fully agree having had and dealt with something like forty years of the same shit, cowardliness, complacency, or don’t give a fuck attitudes. They’d rather watch Kardashians or Oprahs, or some negroid sports show than take care of business or stand up to all these freaks of nature and fuk-tards.

    The pussies want to want others to go first into some battle, then run off when the going gets tough, or when threatened. Piss on that and I have gone first too many times…. put my head on the chopping block….. for nothing but to get screwed and left standing alone.

    I’ve been slacking lately due to dealing with health issues, need surgery on both eyes, and dealing with the local pussies and the all encompassing corrupt trash, dealing with the VA, corrupt lefty politicians, can’t find decent health care after leaving the joke of the VA, all their retaliation bull shit or activist or union attacks. Having to live in a town of now over a hundred thousand, up from sixty thousand, due to immigrants, illegals, to lefties and Israelite’s moving into the state to ruin it all more. And to destroy “whitey,” and our western culture completely. What a fukkin’ mess this country is in. In a town with three major lefty communist, pecker puffing, colleges with politicians to match and can’t get any help at all with dealing with obvious felonies and all the attacks against me and can’t find one person to get any support or friendship from. No, I get thieves, activist, more from the corrupt, more pussies, more cowards that are too afraid to stand up to any of it. Can’t trust anyone since I have outlived all my real and closest friends, so all that is left is the enemy, the activist, the commies, and on it goes. I can’t even trust the medical community here now and getting threats from one large hospital and clinic here due to their activism and connections to corrupt politicians and the VA. What fuggin fun it all is.

    As far as my eye sight has lasted this go round. Pity a group of us kindred spirits don’t live in the same neighborhood or closer by. Dammit. Be well Shaun and others…. hang tough and stay saffe. Pardon any goof-ups or typos.

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    • You get well Man! Seriously, there are few of you left as it is. And ‘Dammit’ is right, when it comes to not living in the same neighbourhood as you. Whilst my new home has a couple of great neighbours, it’s not enough. We need more of you and fuck the cowards. I’m done with them.

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  2. well, since emails are more compromised then comments, they must be really really dumb. good on you, at least you stopped catering for these dumb-asses. personally for me, WTFradio had a really good start in ‘debate’ , you even gave Gadsden the time & support to grow into a radio-host.
    but then the churchbells started ringing and John Percent whose ‘debate’ is rooted in a unproven religious doctrine started to go ‘high pitched’ (which was sad as a liked his political insights) debate, in which both parties use theirs and each others intelligence to come to the truth/insight of a topic, became a slander fest of ‘i am right, you are wrong’. my perspective as a listener.
    what i learned from it, you can’t have a ‘set mindset’ if you wanna find out the truth of any given fact or moment.
    therefor religion in the WN/truthmovement will always be a ticking bomb… religion and donations.
    (hahaha maybe they go hand in hand). Shaun thanks for all you have done to stay true in the ‘truthmovement’,

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  3. This is a comment. I hope you enjoyed it. I’m not sure why my comment is so important to you. I assure you that “cowardice” had nothing to do with me not commenting before. I just have nothing to add. I hate people who stick their 2 cents in but really have nothing to say, but now you are forcing me to do it just so I can hear more of your show. Now that I have made a comment, I expect a show (where I expect you will whine some more about people not commenting). Extroverts are such needy fucks.


    • You dumb bastard. You don’t fucking read too well at all do you? Comments don’t fucking matter now do they? When I was doing the show, we had the support but it wasn’t being shown. THAT was when comments mattered. This is why the fucking kikes win all the time, because they show their support. This is why the fucking homos get gay marriage, because they show their support, why all the ‘NO’ voters sit at home.
      That was YOU fuck tard. You sat aside when your support was most needed. Why you felt the need to comment NOW after I clearly indicated that I was talking about support DURING the time I was doing the shows, baffles me.

      I’ll tell you why else the kikes and homos win. It’s because of non-thinking fucking morons like you.

      I think you mistake my place here tard. I am not here to please nor entertain you. I was doing the show to slap people upside the head, so that they can crititcally think for themselves, rather than run with popular opinion. So many faggot loving fucking morons ran with gay marriage because their next door neighbour did and they don’t know how to form an individual thought of their own. You can sit back and be happy that YOUR mentality helped create that.

      I don’t WANT nor NEED your mindless arse here. Your comment is worth exactly what I have had to say in response and nothing more.

      Now, FUCK OFF!

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      • Yep. Heard the pathetic news here, big news, that Australia just legalized homo marriage and showed some vids of the happy sick couples. Counldn’t tell if they were male or females or who was what between the two.

        The sheep and public are too stupid to figure out why the “Gay community’ demanded the word “marriage” and would not accept the same, with full rights, under the wording of ‘civil unions.’ It was semantics to destroy the word marriage, like they destroyed the word “gay.” So now they ruined the word marriage too and got their nasty way and called it equal. “Equal” is not part of their nasty family and nation ruining agenda.

        Just like some groups and the negroid Jesse Jackson starting up and ruining the poor old once beautiful ‘rainbow.’ Now I see a rainbow I have to think of that filth first and wonder how they got the colors black, or brown, mixed in to the colors of the rainbow for use in their “rainbow coalition.” Ruining everything, decent, pretty, nice or beautiful agendas.

        Dumbass white people and the pathetically ignorant, uncaring public is ruining the world for a few pervs.

        Good day to all over there, or try to have a good one.

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      • I don’t understand. How would me commenting on the show back when it was on help? I honestly don’t get it. I am an introvert. Such things baffle me. Do you mean comments like “great job” and stuff like that? Just general encouragement? I had no idea I was supposed to be doing that. Seems like a small price to pay. I would’ve done it had I known it was wanted or needed. I am autistic and these things are not intuitive to me. I’m saddened to see your show gone since the AltRight now has a near monopoly on pro-White opinion. It was a good show, but I found it too late.

        I’m pretty sure it’s not my fault Aussies are fags now. I am American. We didn’t vote on the matter. It’s also not my fault you got tired of doing your show. I shared every episode after I found it. While I did commit the sin of not commenting on it, it was a sin of ignorance. Should’ve had a disclaimer or something.


      • Really? I mean fuckin really? Just when I think dumb can’t get any dumber.

        Support means that you would come on in and add to the conversation. Perhaps you had something add when I was speaking about the holocaust or the issues on Kosher Taxes.

        When the kikes create a movement against so called anti-semtism, watch what happens. All other kikes come in from miles around to add to the flavour. It bolsters their position even though they are lying through their fucking teeth.

        Don’t come back in here playing the fucking victim all of a sudden, when you know fucking well that there was plenty more you could have done.

        So, you found the show too late. I’ll give you that, but don’t you even dare to come in here and relaxe the whole idea that people could have done more. People could have been calling in and commenting. People could have been getting out there and spreading information, such as where Reyvolts show could be found, where John Percents show could have been found, where TCTA could have been found. Then they could have come here and let everybody know how they are active. It raises morale for the cause and it motivates others to do the same. Just as the jews do it for their anti anti-semitism campaigns. This is how winning is done. Through support.

        Once the kikes see what we are doing, they start showing their cards too early because the silly bastards go into panic mode. Take a look at Anglin. That silly bastard doofed everybody into thinking he was onto something, even though countless people before him had been speaking about it. Whilst he was fucking his way across Asia with all of those little ching chongs, Peter Schaenk and Alex Linder were already discussing these things, but the one thing that Anglin had over the others, was the support. Schaenk faded away for the same reasons. There was no support. Same message, but no support.

        Now all of a sudden I get all these emails coming in trying to insinuate that I need to do a show. WHY again? When I was there for everybody they were not there for me?

        Again, don’t dare come in here trying to water down the message I am putting out there. Albeit I do not want to become a part of Godwins law, I will say that you sound like a fuckin jew.


    • I don’t mind at all Shaun, go for it. I am so sick of all this shit going on in the world, White western civilization, all the brain-washed fools, cowards, ass kissers, I could puke. I have made so many enemies over here just trying to get good health care, then having to deal with corruption, corrupt professionals, special interest groups, unions, Antifa types, and foreigners from turd world nation, veterans that won’t stick together, white people that won’t stick together, it’s all beyond belief. But still due to my experiences…anticipated. Most fear being known, getting involved, afraid of fricking Israel and their connections being our shadow government, and in health care too, plus the media, it’s endless. So screw em all.

      The poem “Rage rage rage… into the night” pretty well suits my old aged attitude. With most of my rage not being against death, or the coming of night. It’s more or less about the last acts of defiance this old man can pull off. My rage is against this present modern world and all the “pussies,” the corrupt, the cowards, the complacent, bullies, tyrants, fascist, psychopaths in office, the back-stabbers, garbage media, to the false prophets, et al, filth in it. All that a stinking government and freaks tell us to accept, then spout how free we are. They sure do have the multitudes fooled and the kiddies totally brain-washed.

      LOL. And there just isn’t enough booze, beer, martinis, moonshine, in the world to get the taste out of my mouth if I ever kissed some homo’s ass, Jesse Jackson’s, some Antifa or militants ass, or a Jews ass, to some Marx-feminist ass near a part hit by a broad axe …. just to get along with them. Or to try to appease their whine while trying to eliminate us white folks, our history, from the planet.

      Besides that. I know my many enemies great and small monitor my old ass. I get the nasty phone calls and threats to prove it. From colleges, after contacting politicians about the VA and corruption, from major hospitals, many cliques, local media censors that hate me, so-called ( fearful) vet groups and on it goes. Never ends, just piles up. Fucking fine with me. Rage rage rage my man… rage rage rage.

      Hope you are enjoying your down times. You deserve it. Others better wake the fuck up, fast. If it’s not too late already which it is here in Indiana.

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      • Yeah I hear ya. It’s the same everywhere from what I can tell. People are so cucked and fucked by their brainwashing that I literally have to hear “I think homosexual marriage is a good thing.” way too fucking often. People really are that fucking stupid. Fucking an anus is clearly degenerate but fucking an anus of the same sex is beyond disgusting and people think it’s an OK thing to do. The kikes really have done their job well in convincing people that being a disgusting piece of filth is OK, haven’t they?

        Every time somebody agrees with the existence of homos I just shake my head in awe. I’m really that baffled as to how anybody can become so lowly.

        Rage, rage, rage. I am going to look that poem up and read it on air.

        Cheers man. Keep your head up, because there are more of us out there I am sure.

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  4. I got a mention in 2018!!!

    Fact is: those NOT on your list of contributors are addicted to hearing bad news about everything that’s falling apart across the globe that’s being orchestrated by evil people who have insulated themselves quite well now, to the point where they are truly untouchable.

    We could do broadcast again, and bitch, complain, name-call, and attempt to WARN whites that the Jewish cabal is now courting them to sign up to join frauds like Michael Savage & Alex Jones now who are taking up the white genicide banner in 2018 with David Duke & Spencer, or, we can leave it be, know we’ve said ENOUGH, and say take charge of your own life and your own family, clean up your own backyard, and TURN OFF all the bad news you can do nothing about in the realm where our tyrannical plantation owners have standing armies just waiting to eliminate anyone throwing stones at their castles.

    Our efforts are duly noted, until it’s no longer a bowel movement, there really is no call or cause to respond to urgently…no one can be trusted…every man has his price…every moral patriotic effort that has started well has been bribed, co-opted, and hijacked…nowadays, I only waste my breath on those who want to LISTEN, not merely be entertained by more bad news.

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    • I also noticed (((Lauren Southern))) getting on the South Africa genocide band wagon too, even though many in WN circles have been talking about it for YEARS! Oh, but who gets the credit and honorable mention on Jared “Huwhyte” Taylor’s Let’s-Not-Mention-The-J-Word-EVER AmRen site? The pretty blonde Jewess of course! Hell, even the other network covered this years before she did. It will end up being another circle jerk that goes nowhere and accomplishes nothing.

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      • SMaiden I noticed that too many moons ago. Then she zoomed to the top rungs of chatter even with D. Duke and others claimed to be the elite of White Nationalism…. if I remember correctly. She sure got to the so-called top of things fast. I don’t follow her or her psy-op or planned photo-op for effects games.

        I’ve also spent some time today scanning stupid sites like Stormfront to Wolfie radio sites pretending to be Vikings or something. Stormfake isn’t allowing non-registered people from entering the site for some reason. Others like the Wolfie radio and others are spending more time bashing users and people here, or their non followers, than actually doing something good, uncensored real news, or for ‘the cause’ they don’t seem to be very concerned about. More about ego and positions to me. As they bash people they don’t even know or know about at all. But they sure can bash Shaun, and poor poor psi can’t stop whining about his/her/it’s ego being bruised or others, like us “lemmings” here not agreeing with the little puke or those at the fake Viking radio crap.

        Have a great day all. Let the assholes do all the infighting and game playing they want. Their losses while the most corrupt and evil remain “insulated” and safe from ridicule.

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      • Anyone who goes down to South Africa and shows the reality from a white point of view to hundreds of thousands of people has my blessing. I haven’t seen it myself but i am hoping for the best.


  5. The US is in debt, is conducting multiple wars, is a police state, is flooded by illegal immigrants, and has become immoral.

    Racists think all the problems would be fixed if the Jews, Muslims, illegal immigrants, and blacks were killed off.

    The problem with racists is that they think white people are not responsible for the US collapse.

    Do Jews outnumber white people?

    Can’t white people start media companies, movie studios, and stock markets?

    If Jews tell you to go in debt, do you blame yourself or Jews?

    If Jews tell you to be immoral, do you blame yourself or Jews?

    On the other hand, racists do have free speech rights and what if the racists are correct?

    Wouldn’t you like to know if Jews wanted to divide the wealth of the world among themselves by planning to kill off white people with debt, wars, tyranny, regulations, taxes, welfare, obesity, illegal immigration, drugs, suicides, feminism, homosexuality, and immorality and then send the rest of the weak liberals to the gulags to be starved and killed?

    Why does everyone laugh when someone says Freemasons or the Pope controls the world, but anyone who blames the Jews gets banned, censored, or arrested?



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