Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2017-12-17

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • Clip:  People have been bullshitted into believing that we are all free, but how free are we really?  (Shaun’s notes:  I played a similar clip just recently on TCTA.  You can check it out here…)
  • People are so far gone due to everything that’s happening, that it’s wishful thinking to believe that we can save ourselves from this
  • Bitcoins symbolism could relate to the number 13 – The mark of the beast in Revelations
  • Clip:  Big Pharma jews found hung – Police not pursuing any suspects – Could be ties to numerology
  • Israeli security agents disguised as protesters were recognised and reacted with violence
  • People are so untrusting with all of this, that it’s hard for us to take a step back once in a while to see the whole picture
  • Clip:  Facebook is destroying  the social fabric – People stay home using FB instead of getting out there and meeting people
  • Rob comments on gaming and the time taken to learn how to play a game and how it could be a part of anti-social discourse (Shaun’s notes:  I don’t agree on the gaming thing. Gaming is nothing more nor less than the “new entertainment”. It’s no different to watching a movie. You get people that sit there and watch movies all day and you will get gamers that sit there all day. But most of the time, people that watch movies watch maybe one movie that lasts 2 hours per day after work. Same with most gamers. Most gamers finish work and come home to play for a couple of hours. In fact, the gaming networks have an advantage, because many games not only teach you about history, such as in Assassins Creed, which is based on the Knights Templars, but also exercise hand to eye coordination and exercise brain activity for decision making and such, unlike a movie that you just sit there and watch. In Assassins Creed, you have to make careful decisions and you literally live a life back in 1886 with horse and cart and all kinds of things. There’s no doubt that those that sit around playing games all day is unhealthy, but there are SHIT LOADS more people sitting around watching movies all day. Everything in moderation but both are entertainment.)
  • Ohio Fred speaks about how RBN has stood the test of time and the hosts are doing a good job
  • Jeff from Idaho speaks about a great many things as usual in a very articulate fashion, including where he stands with Trump
  • Clip:  Bitcoin will move currency into a reverse psyop – Dark Web is where Tor is used to pay for child porn among other abusive and disgusting merchandise and many of these people have become millionaires  (Shaun’s notes:  This clip is one of the best I have heard – Very informative albeit he talks about some very disturbing things that many of us never thought of…)
  • CK calls in and speaks about how you can buy bitcoin anonymously through other means
  • Dave talks about how nobody wanted anything to do with bitcoin but since it’s now worth 20,000 everybody is up in arms
  • Bruce in Texas calls in and speaks about Fetzer – Backing up and rethinking things to get it all straight in our minds – Then moves on to talk about JFK’s assassination and what Fetzer has said about the subject  (Shaun’s notes:  Charles Giuliani had an interesting outlook on this where he read from different articles about how it was his wife that killed him, right there in the car…  Rob and Bruce are speaking about those possibilities now as I type it…)
  • Cathy in Missouri calls in to speak about Jacky possibly being a part of the assassination  (Shaun’s notes:  I don’t like caller chatty Cathy very much, because she comes across like a wave 2 feminist deluxe with fries that just outright bullshits people sometimes, but I agree that Jacky was more than likely a disgusting husband killing slut.  In fact, I spoke about Cathy not long back after she had called into Robs show about race.  You can listen here…)
  • Clip:  Sheik speaks about Saudi Arabia’s government has a friendly relationship with the United States – The  State of Israel and Saudi Arabia are pretty much sisters, due to their immediate relations
  • Clip:  China owning California is a bunch of bullshit –  It all comes back to the Rothschild’s
  • Clip:  Net neutrality filthing up the world – (Shaun’s notes:  It’s a VERY hot topic over here in Australia as well, even between the teenagers in schools as my Son tells it.  People are PISSED off about it and this includes the ISP’s because people are saying that they will simply stop using the Internet and I personally know people that will actually do it.  They’ve prepped up for it already.  ISP’s may not lose big time because of Facebook junkies, but they will lose some and it will be enough to lose big chunks of change.  I know that some ISP’s such as IINet are doing the right thing by their customers and fighting against it…)

And much more as usual…


5 thoughts on “Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2017-12-17

  1. I’m about to listen to the show but here’s my two cents on Bitcoin. I wouldn’t trust it at all. I think it’s to force people to get micro-chipped by making that the main currency which people will have no choice but to accept if they want to continue eating. Considering the number of (((slime balls))) involved with Bitcoin, that makes it suspicious. One of them is a former child actor (and pedo) named Brock Pierce, who was brought up in the documentary, An Open Secret, about pedophelia in Hollywood:

    I would suggest people spend their money stocking up on food, water, and weapons instead of bitcoin.

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    • well put Shieldmaiden. have to agree. on top of that i reckon that bitcoin is/was used to buy&pay off top hackers in order to gain more control over the net. though for the public at large at this moment in time bitcoin seems nothing more then a pyramid scheme.

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  2. Bit coin would be a get in get out kind of scenario. Still based on dollar. Know very little on how there is a return.
    The Jackie O thing is a little tough to bite on. Cooper was selling the complete unedited version of the zapruder film. $40 a copy. Even my half blind friend could see “what looked like the driver shooting left hand over right shoulder point blank.” The reason Connely was leaning back on his wife was so Greer could get a clean shot. He wasnt saying anything to Jackie. I dont even think he was hit. I dont think Jackie would shoot the father of her children. I saw some video with a “DeRothschild” swearing up and down JFK wasnt killed. I also think Oswald took a rubber bullet to the stomach and lived. For being a good agent like Tim McVeigh. Just a hunch.

    To me Cooper seems to have closest to truth.

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