James Lancia’s YouTube Broadcasts Now A Part of WTFR

That’s right Ladies and gents, we have now implemented James Lancia’s YouTube broadcasts into the WTFR lineup, replacing The Green Pilled Perspective and Random Hours.  So each weekday at 12 PM EST American time, you will be able to hear from an ex-cop that policed some of the meanest and most savage areas in the United States, such as the Bronx throughout the 80’s and onward.

As an Aussie that has to witness pussy cops here in Australia, fining people for petty bullshit, such as not wearing a bicycle helmet, rather than foiling real crimes, such as:  Murder, rape, GTA, armed robbery etc, I for one love listening to Mr. Lancia as he discusses REAL issues and tells stories of his past noble deeds.  Not to mention the way REAL cops should handle criminal to criminal.

Take a listen each 12 PM midday on weekdays or 8 AM weekends on TuneIn or one of the other stream links on the Front Page to hear what James has to say.  You won’t regret it.

Don’t forget to check out his book, Downtown White Police.



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