James Lancia and Jay Hit Home Runs

As usual, Jim and Jay hit home runs out of the park.  They talk here about the pussy EU cops that have become emasculated and hence why they are protecting the criminals instead of the good people around the world.

The punk cops around the globe have been challenged by James (the author of Down Town White Police) to a boxing match for charity and by God they better come with their game on, because Mr. Lancia ain’t fuckin’ around!

May I say from an Aussie view point, that Australian cops are the same pussies we see within the EU.  Whilst they should be out catching real criminals, they are instead fining adults and children no less, for not wearing bicycle helmets or smoking a little green.  PATHETIC!  WEAK AND PATHETIC!

Take a look at some REAL cops that deal with REAL crimes below…

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