Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2017-12-10

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • Rob almost gets hacked on a couple of his email accounts – Somebody tries to log in as him
  • California has a history of catching fire but there is some strange stuff going on
  • St.Louis – People are being car jacked in suburbia and it’s as if people are losing their minds
  • Clip:  Directed energy weapons could relate to the wild fires in California
  • Clip:  Paul Joseph Watson speaks about Trump causing outrage after recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel  (Shaun’s notes:  Infowhores and their lackeys, such as the oh so faggot looking PJW love the kikes but hate the Muslims…  They really are seriously fucked in the head.  Muslims and kikes both need to get gone out of White Western Civ…)
  • Clip:  Brother Nathanael talks about Trump and his love for Israel – Nathanael grew up as a jew and knows a thing or two
  • The Pie in the Sky (One State Solution) – Palestinians have the same rights as Israeli’s (Shaun’s notes:  Simply ain’t going to happen because BB and his pet kikes won’t ever allow that to happen…)
  • Zak the operative calls into Alex Jones show and Jones always loves to make time for him – Could be a black ops situation
  • The people behind mics that THINK they know what is happening often just DON’T  (Shaun’s notes:  This is why when youtube clips come out 5 or 10 mins after a shooting, saying “it’s false!  It’s a false flag!”  I don’t take it seriously.  These things need investigation.  Not EVERYTHING is a fucking conspiracy.  I’ve copped a lot of flak from this, but I ain’t an idiot.  We need to take a couple of steps back and look at the big picture over time.  Even an hour of looking at something often doesn’t cut it.  Hell, depending on the event, even a week or month doesn’t cut it…  Some people are just knee-jerk-reactionaries or just looking for numbers on their youtube page, almost as if scoring on a video game…)
  • Clip:  Trump in Pensacola was very obvious about the Deep State being taken down
  • Clip:  Trump:  “We don’t sing a global anthem, our troops don’t wear a foreign uniform”.  (Shaun’s notes:  If he is so fucking national, (patriotic) why the fuck is he sucking so much kike dick and so prepared to fly the Israeli flag in the States?  Seriously people!  He’s full of shit in my opinion…)
  • Clip:  Big shift coming where many people are going to be taken down
  • Trump went with the numbers and so now we have to deal with the fallout
  • The term Uncle Tom is being flung around almost as loosely as the term racist these days  (Shaun’s notes:  Nothing more nor less than school ground epithets and insults coming out of the idiocracy these days…)
  • Clip:  Philadelphia (Killadelphia) removing the bullet proof glass from the stores that need it the most  (Shaun’s notes:  Disrespectful to customers?  These people are FUCKING MORONS!  What about the respect for the bullet that could enter somebodies chest when the glass is removed?  Fuck me and call me stinky!)
  • Big Pharma victims – Could it be deliberate in the name of population control – Hot doses being put out there
  • Dan in Texas:  Little Pete may have been sexually imprinted by a homosexual and he struggled with this that lead to the drug addiction
  • Rob gets cut off Skype for some reason (Shaun’s notes:  It’s strange that this happens right as Rob and caller is getting into the meat and potatoes)
  • Clip:  Unmanned aerial weapons to drop chemicals on people – Drone like machines that drop biochemicals on civilians
  • Porn star commits suicide after ridicule for refusing to work with homosexuals due to health risks
  • Panic ensues on capital hill due to the three bomb shells (Shaun’s notes:  I think a few wasp sized drones filled with Cyanide need to sting the three bomb shells…)

And much more…


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