Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2017-12-03

DISCLAIMER – On this edition the RBN breaks were left in, because Shaun was not able to be at the keyboard, due to illness.  We apologise for any inconvenience.

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Robs speaks about:

  • Clip:  The hate on Trump coming from a dirty kikess on The View – The timing of this was perfect for furthering civil war  (Shaun’s notes:  I hope the kikess has her house shell bombed if a civil war begins, so that she knows what she caused)
  • Chemtrails are still in place so if Trump is really trying to help the country then he needs to focus on these rogue elements
  • Flynn could be another Hal Turner of sorts in order to take Trump down
  • Clip:  Whiteness will be over because we want it to be  (Shaun’s Notes:  Once-upon-a-time I thought that people just need to be in their own countries but the more I hear from these colored pricks, the more I think we need to dominate over them.  The only time they exercised civil behaviour is when they were slaves in the cotton fields.  If they want to act like savages, then they will be treated like savages until they submit to either becoming slaves again or going back to Africa.)
  • Clip:  Milo the gay kike rips into an Aussie Muslim female  (Shaun’s notes:  I dislike the Muslims as much as I dislike the kikes.  We don’t need homosexual kikes to tell us what is being said here, we already understand that Islam is evil.  This is not to say that what Milo had to say wasn’t correct because he was spot on…)
  • China being the ‘hope of the world’ is a joke – (Shaun’s notes:  I have heard and read the same thing and I don’t know how anybody with a right mind can think that, on any level.)
  • Clip:  The war on cash and the money and fear – What it can mean for the future of money
  • The war on Trump is now coming out of Parliament over in the UK – (Shaun’s notes:  As everybody knows, I am not in favour of Trump or Killary, however if a gun was put to my head I would much rather Trump, due to the few things he gets right.  But to see the way the world is acting against the President is just unheard of.  I agree that some of what Trump is doing, goes against the Marxists and Communists plan.  And most people today are of the Marxist and Communist mindset and they don’t even know it.  The world acting as they are, against Trump, at the level that they are, is just one of those things that endears more of us to him.  The world hating on him so much is an indicator that he must be pushing at least some right buttons.  Marxism begets Marxism and that’s why you see all these Parliamentary pussies sucking each others cocks when it comes to this issue, in the name of not wanting to be called “Racist” or “Anti-Semitic” or a so called “Hater”.  Hence why Donald is so hated.  Or loved.  Malcolm “I’m a false cunt” Turnbull will of course agree with the UK, just so he looks like a little saint.  But he is far from it.  Nothing but a Marxist Socialist.)

And much more…



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