Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2017-11-26

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • AI and how it has taken off to a point where people want to have baby cyborgs
  • People are being told that everything is great, great, great and even those that hate Trump are saying it’s great
  • Clip:  People that believe that your smart phones aren’t tapped by DARPA need a head check
  • Article:  The CIA literally controls everything due to being deep state and this can be seen in anything corporate
  • CIA – 3, 9, 1 = 13.  Just saying…  (Shaun’s notes:  Those at the top rely HEAVILY on numeration.  Numbers mean everything to their dark rituals…)
  • Whoolis Blog is another place where you can find the show and we here at WTFR are live on 107.9 FM
  • When the shit hit’s the fan, and we are punished do we look at it as if it’s judgment from the heavens or Blue Beam like technology
  • Anybody that does not realise they are living under communism obviously has not read the communist manifesto in a while, IF at all
  • Chemically modified weed is NOT a good thing – It’s one thing to grow natural weed, but when you start adding chemicals it’s not a good thing (Shaun’s notes:  I whole heartedly agree – If you’re going to grow cannabis, do it but, don’t become Monsanto!)
  • Clip:  MSNBC and Thanksgiving – A prerecorded show and people were oblivious to it even though it was so obvious  (Shaun’s notes:  People don’t realise that there is a HELL OF A LOT of stuff that is pre-rec on the news and such…  In fact, many of the news reports are pre-rec and played at a certain time, giving you the illusion that it’s playing live….  And this is world wide.)
  • Clip:  In satanism you are treated to a lavish life – Private jets, yachts, you name it.  Then you are in the thick of it, where baby sacrifice is the norm.  (Shaun’s notes:  Again, I did a show about this not long about during Halloween.)
  • Skull and Bones members are able to become members of congress and even the PRESIDENT!  (Shaun’s notes:  That’s some scary shit right there.  What’s scarier, is that people voted for them knowing they were member of this satanic cult….)
  • Clip:  Bali – The eruptions are becoming magmatic
  • Clip:  Europe – Toxic cloud hovering over head
  • Clip:  San Andreas – Fault line becoming more active
  • Clip:  Flat Earther taking questions – Computer games (Shaun’s notes:  It depends on the game.  You can play Elite Dangerous  and even use Google Earth to be able to see that it feels like you are on a flat earth until you zoom out, which renders the Flat Earther totally fallacious in the physics of his argument…)
  • Clip:  The Olympic athletes may need to be microchipped (Shaun’s notes:  I spoke years back about how many people around the world have opted to be microchipped under the idea that it will stop them from being killed by terrorists.  People are fucking morons…  If a terrorist wants to kill you, the only thing that microchip will do, is lead the cops to your dead and scattered body parts.  IDIOT!!)
  • Clip:  5G antennas reacts to our skin and our sweat ducts and this technology has not been tested to see how far it can go this way
  • Clip:  Roger Stone talks about Trump not standing by his word for investigation into vaccines – Caller talks about former employee of Eli Lilly
  • Clip:  Europe Vs Israel – Don’t dare have sex with somebody that ain’t a jew unless you are a jew yourself.  That’s what jews do.  (Shaun’s notes:  Yeah well done.  Jews tell us that as white people we cannot have the right to DARE say we don’t want to have sex with black people, but yet they say that they have the right to let people know that they are superior and that sexing outside of judaism is “tainting their blood lines”.  Right….  Hahahahhahahahah!)
  • Rob speaks about Manson’s death and reads a very important article about the possibility of MK Ultra playing a part in Manson’s activities – Roman Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby may have played a part as well…

And much more…


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