Black Listed News w/ Doug Owen (RBN) 2017-11-26

Doug and WTFR do not necessarily agree with each other but we believe in free speech here.  Shaun’s notes are Shaun’s thoughts alone and Doug may not agree with them.

On this edition of BLN, Doug speaks about:

  • There were killings and genocide on the day of Thanksgiving under Lincoln and people were thankful for it  (Shauns notes:  Yeah, given that the Indians were doing nothing with the land besides killing each other between tribes, I think people SHOULD be thankful, including those Indians left behind for what white Americans have done.  They civilised America.  Well, at least until the kikes got involved)
  • The Brits and the U.S. are still selling the Saudis weapons to attack hospitals and such
  • We’re being told that the economy is going well but homelessness is brimming
  • Dan Bongino says he has all of the proof right there on his phone – He should be careful or it might be +1 for the Clinton body count
  • Academics are saying that people will soon be identifying as digisexuals and have sex with robots
  • It’s not good to judge a person by their sexuality or their XYZ way of having sex as if it defines them  (Shaun’s notes:  OK then, stop picking on people that fuck robots.  LOL!  They are digisexuals Douglas!  Live with it and leave them alone you big bully!  By the way, pedophiles are now being labeled “pedosexuals” do we not judge them also?  I disagree with Doug on this one obviously.  Humans are suppose to judge and read into things deeply, so that they can judge if a person is trustable around their children…  I don’t like the idea of homos around my children.  Children parrot what they see.  Just sayin mate.)
  • You can’t say anything these days without being called a hater or a racist etc…  (Shaun’s notes:  Doug is a heck of a lot more PC than I am, because I am prepared to call a nigger a nigger.  So what’s this about him being racist and shit?  People need to get themselves some testicular fortitude for crying out loud.  Doug is absolutely right though.  As JimmyX and I always say, “There is a professional offendee around every corner.)

And much more…


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