Shaun Takes a Pimple Popper To Task

On this off the cuff edition of TCTA, Shaun takes a commenter by the name of “Mama” & “Array” to task.  Here is what triggered Shaun to do the show, just a whole load of Social Justice Retard bullshit:

Obviously they DO sign up for WordPress, because otherwise you wouldn’t have followers. If they followed you and enjoyed what you post, they would like your posts, BECAUSE THEY HAVE THE ABILITY TO BECAUSE THEY HAVE WORDPRESS.
Furthermore, hating a race because of a few bad ones is so incredibly immature its almost beyond belief. I noticed how you mentioned how black people rape white women, and how apparently none of them have jobs or can afford housing or cars or anything necessary to live. While some of this is true, the same is true or white people. The world is not black and white (pun not intended). There are good black people, and there are bad black people. Just the same as there are good white people, and there are bad white people. Such as yourself.
And I hate to pull the science card here, but it has been proven that there is no such thing as race. Notice how we say “race” instead of species. There is no such thing as race. Notice how no other species in this entire planet have this problem. Can you imagine how preposterous it would be if a white dog refused to associate with a black dog because of color? Crazy, isn’t it? If you say it’s not crazy, you are an idiot.
Me? I’M a cunt? I think not.

I’m going to make sure I play this extra on 107.9 FM and WTFR, so that the dumb shit parents that bring these little bitches up, get the fucking message.


You can find the thread where the exchange took place here

17 thoughts on “Shaun Takes a Pimple Popper To Task

  1. while I don’t disagree, she’s thirteen. You’re an older person, and I understand that she didn’t have to comment, but she’s thirteen.


    • And by the way, I also thought he/she looked 17-18 as said in the show. Since WHEN did parents start lacking in educating their children with respect? Especially at 13 and female? I am a parent of a 16 year old boy and a 12 year old girl and they have respect! Why? Because I educate them with such!

      Don’t you DARE make excuses for this idiot Skye! Instead you should be talking some sense into her! You seem to have some commonsense about you by your post where you say you don’t disagree, so use that commonsense and talk some sense into this twit!



    A 13 year old should NOT be on my website in the first place! His/Her parents should KNOW what their child is doing and being on my website should NOT be a part of that!


    • I was thinking that Paula. It’s hard to be sure. One of her so called friends says she is 13. When I clicked on the website she provided under her comment, it lead to 3 teenagers goofing about, so I immediately thought it was the lad that looked around 17. Whole thing could have been bogus, but again, it’s hard to know. Sinead has been well known for creating bogus youtube accounts and such so it wouldn’t surprise me. It just shows how counterfeit and what liars Femigade are, in that we can’t tell when they are being real or lying so much of the time. One day they could be saying something authentic, the next they are lying through their teeth.


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