Black Listed News w/ Doug Owen 2017-10-29 (RBN)

WTFR does not necessarily agree with Mr. Owen.  He has some iffy ideas, but nonetheless, we believe in Freedom of Speech to it’s fullest extent.

On this edition of BLN, Doug speaks about:

  • College campus crackdown over Halloween – Think about the choices you are making
  • Doug is a big fan of the Hispanic culture – Speedy Gonzales is an alcoholic rodent
  • JFK and the possible facts that have been released by Donald Trump
  • The CIA have been well known in creating havoc and blaming it on others
  • What does it matter now, since it’s been decades since the assassination?
  • Before JFK there was no “golden era” (Shauns notes:  I think things would have been improved if John had lived on. Hence why he wanted to get into power in the first place, to deal with the corruption and hence why they killed him…)
  • RT has been banned from Twitter – Russian sponsored news that are hyper critical

And more…


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