How the Narrative Holds Everyone Back – By Jacko

Adopting a world view, a weltanshauung, because others do it and recommend it is a core problem in our Western world. For many things like ethical behaviour it used to work yet the super criticality of immorality and poorly considered models has tipped that point so it is behind us as we descend towards collapse, Balkanization, and genocide.

Businesses use many standard models of operation: SLA’s, vision statements, goal oriented, thought leadership courses, and more. The concepts are great as sales pitches but terrible for actually reality. An SLA is a definition of law-fare (warfare using the legal system) and helps corporate lawyers more than it helps businesses who use them. Vision statements are about as effective in getting things completed with perfection as a blurb on a cereal box. Goal oriented is a catch phrase for, “I will work lots of extra hours if I get my pay raises.” Thought leadership is a course for task masters to expand their resume. And on and on.

The core problem is that businesses start off with usurious loans from banks. They must begin paying immediately, without condition, and for this reason they madly scramble to achieve revenue. In doing so their production model necessitates shortcuts and cowboy-ism (roughshod production). If the business survives long enough to establish, all these bailing-wire solutions continue to haunt the operation and the staff have to become duct-tapers, box-checkers, and task masters (qv. Graeber, “The Rise of Bullshit Jobs”).

Narratives of banking that they must use fractional reserve banking and be paid their interest without condition hold everyone back. Narratives that businesses must have duct-tapers, box-checkers and task-masters hold everyone back. Irrelevant sales pitch-y weltanshauung holds everyone back. The narrative of our Western society is holding everyone Western back. Until it changes to delivering the best quality results we can it will continue to decline into Zimbabwean standards of bullshit artists and kludged solutions by people suffering under the corruption of ideals.

Shaun’s Notes:

Yeah, it’s a big part of the Hegelian Dialectic.  As was said, soon after a caller by the name of “The Heag” (hmmmmm) called in on the Truman Show, “we accept the reality of the world with which we are presented; it’s as simple as that“.

I was watching this film at one of the few drive-ins left in Australia, in a place called Yarrawonga.  It’s closed now, but I was sitting out front of the car with a mate of mine, on a beer esky, so that I could just hop up grab a beer and sit back down.  It was a good time because it was in Summer and you could sit out as the Sun was going down and watch a double feature.  Ants and The Truman Show.

I LEPT to my feet and yelled, “did you hear that?!?!?  Somebody suspiciously called ‘The Heag’ (as in Hegel) calls in and says nothing and then they talk about the Hegelian Dialectic!  We accept the synthesis of the world with which we are presented!!!!”  And then I realised where I was and that around 5 cars were looking at me.  I pretended to get another beer from my esky with as much dignity and grace as I could, even though I had an open beer in my hand.  My two friends in the car and the mate beside me thought it was funny that Shaun forgot completely where he was for a moment, because of his clever revelation!


3 thoughts on “How the Narrative Holds Everyone Back – By Jacko

  1. All wall st does is import junk. All it sells is junk, and for what a fucking profit ? I believe wall st is anotjer front for pedophilia and criminal activity. All the pension (bribes) ate kept on Wall St. If eall st goes down, the whole pensioncsystem goes down. Warren Buffett was implicated in the Franklin Cover Up. I would imagine all his buddies and CEOs are kid fucking. Zuckerberg is buddies with Buffet.
    Watch this ~ Boys For Sale
    Tom Philpott allegedly commit suicide


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