TCTA Halloween Edition 2017-10-22

Shaun speaks about the risks of Halloween and the satanic cult ties.  Kids being abducted and how gullible they can be.  Social experiments being done to show parents that no matter how much you tell a young child, NOT to go into a strangers house, they still do.

The first segment is family friendly, where Shaun speaks to the children directly.  After the first break, the children should be taken out of the room, as it becomes more of an adult conversation.

Kick back with your favourite beverage and take this to heart!  This needs to be known.



3 thoughts on “TCTA Halloween Edition 2017-10-22

  1. Instead of going trick or treating with your kids, which Shaun has pointed out the dangers of, consider having a few other parents and their kids over for a Halloween party instead. It’s much safer, obviously, and it will be easier to prevent sugar overload if they don’t have a bucket of sweets. I found an article with cute ideas for a Halloween party for those who have small kids:

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