Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt 2017-10-22 (RBN)

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • Young punks going off on the Boomers get on Reyvolt’s nerves (Shauns Notes:  I cannot stand the Boomer mentality at ALL.  I have to disagree with Rob on this one.  The Boomers all over Western Civilisation put all of their creature comforts first…  They were wined, dined and 69’ed and everything was handed to them on a silver platter and they pissed it the fuck away.  And then when their kids couldn’t get work, they called them lazy bludgers even though, the Boomers had it so easy when it came to getting work, compared to how hard it is to get good work today…  In the name of riches and comforts they did not do their job for their children.  Whilst there may have been some that did, MOST of them did not.)  George Carlin speaks on the Boomers
  • Rense threw many people under the bus saying that they were creeps and Fetzer was fired after being on Rob’s show
  • Disappearances of children around the United States (Shauns Notes:  This merges well with the show that I just did on Halloween and the Sexual Offenders)
  • You don’t have to agree on everything Rob has to say, he is happy for you to have your own ideas and it makes no sense that Rense fired Fetzer just because they disagreed on things
  • Clip:  Gunship helicopter muzzle flashes as they fly over the crowd – It could have been a helicopter firing the shots instead of an individual in Las Vegas
  • Clip:  10% of people out of 30,000 may have recorded what happened on the so called massacre night in Vegas
  • If you don’t have some internal fortitude, external physicality means nothing (Shauns Notes:  I agree whole heartedly with this statement.  I don’t need to be close to a “creator” as Rob puts it, but this makes the statement, nonetheless true..)
  • Clip:  Even the hosts of the bigger shows on Fox News are beginning to allow conspiratorial view points because they can no longer deny it – The shift of consciousness – Progressing the next step within the Hegelian Dialectic
  • Chris speaks to Rob about dudes sitting around watching cartoons and smoking doobies and now these very people are in Black-Ops and then people wonder why there are so many weird things going on (Shauns notes:  Ha!  Yeah he has a point…)
  • Alan in Texas calls in and points out an obvious in your face connection and Rob identifies it as a jab in the Lords face
  • Rob reads an article that is somewhat biblical in the belief that there are connections with what is going on (Shauns Notes:  This is where I shut out for a while.  I’m not religious at all, so my brain shuts off right about here.  I check back periodically to see when Rob has moved on…)
  • Barbara Walters throws Feldman under the bus, when it comes to the talk about Hollywoods pedophiles – (Shauns Notes:  Walters has just shown that she is happy to have pedophiles fondling and screwing little children, as long as Hollywood is not destroyed….  She’s a piece of shit that deserves nothing less than a short drop and sudden stop!  Fucking sick bitch!)
  • Clip:  Feldman caught with some green yet again gets arrested…
  • Clip:  Jones speaks about Roger Stone and the heat on Weinstein

And much more…


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