This Is What White People Are Doing

Hey Ladies and Gents.  This quick note is to all the shitless layabout Niggers.

Whilst you’re out there, protesting for criminal thugs like Trayvon Martin or Michael “piece of shit” Brown, this is what white people are doing.  Be sure to read on after watching the video.

White people are out there, not only buying cars for themselves instead of stealing them, but buying cars for their children.  White Mums and Dads.  Real parents doing real things for their children.  How do they do this you ask?  I’ll tell you how.

They work fucking hard.  They work honestly and they have nothing but love and care in their hearts whilst they do that work.  Whether it be something as physically taxing as picking apples or an easy going well paid job at the office, they are thinking all the while about buying that car for their Son or their Daughter.  That’s how they do it.

You apes can keep blaming whitey as much as you like, but just remember, it’s up to YOU to get things done.  Not me, not my next door neighbour!  It’s up to YOU!

“But we was slaves and shitz!”  Yeah, keep repeating that to yourselves and that’s what you will remain.  A bunch of slave arse faggots!  Slaves to your government and country.

Perhaps if you got off your arse and worked hard, you wouldn’t have to rape white girls because of the jealousy you have toward them.  The HATE you have toward them.  And just perhaps, I wouldn’t have to call you apes anymore.


13 thoughts on “This Is What White People Are Doing

  1. Getting a jobi in a jew economy doesnt mean anything to me. Owning property and homesteading off the land makes more sense to me. Thats where whites go wrong. Most whites I know work too hard and have really nothing to show for it except substance abuse and child support payments because they tried playing the jew game. The only whites who “make it”, are freemasons (jew racket) and faggots because their life is their job and they don’t have wives and children draining their bank accounts. We need to put things in perspective.


    • Thats not my point. The point I was making is that Whites get up and do something for their families. Whether or not they have been duped by kikes, was not a part of my statement here. Niggers are fucking lazy and do nothing for their families, again proving how useless they are to their own people, let alone ours.

      You don’t need to reiterate what I have been saying for years, because I didn’t mention it during this particular post.

      How many times have I said that we need to go back to living off the land? Fucking plenty. But I shouldn’t need to say it in every argument.


    • You do realize why we still get around 300 listens after a show is recorded, even though we have shut down live shows don’t you? It’s because people enjoy it, fuck wit!


      • No. If people enjoyed your bullshit, they would like it. Just because they read/listen to it doesn’t mean they enjoyed it.


      • Tell that to the 600+ emails we got on the final show. You don’t listen in too well do you? Most people don’t want to have to sign up to WordPress just to be able to make a comment and they especially don’t want to run the risk of being called “racist” by cowardly cunts like you!


      • Obviously they DO sign up for WordPress, because otherwise you wouldn’t have followers. If they followed you and enjoyed what you post, they would like your posts, BECAUSE THEY HAVE THE ABILITY TO BECAUSE THEY HAVE WORDPRESS.
        Furthermore, hating a race because of a few bad ones is so incredibly immature its almost beyond belief. I noticed how you mentioned how black people rape white women, and how apparently none of them have jobs or can afford housing or cars or anything necessary to live. While some of this is true, the same is true or white people. The world is not black and white (pun not intended). There are good black people, and there are bad black people. Just the same as there are good white people, and there are bad white people. Such as yourself.
        And I hate to pull the science card here, but it has been proven that there is no such thing as race. Notice how we say “race” instead of species. There is no such thing as race. Notice how no other species in this entire planet have this problem. Can you imagine how preposterous it would be if a white dog refused to associate with a black dog because of color? Crazy, isn’t it? If you say it’s not crazy, you are an idiot.
        Me? I’M a cunt? I think not.


  2. so why are you here stinking up the place? useless cunts like you are the reason we find ourselves in this mess, i wouldnt even piss on you if you were on fire, now go take a running leap into a septic tank you piece of shit 🙂


    • I banned him mate. I took a look at his website and he’s nothing but a little bitch SJW type. The silly little homo is still popping pimples and is more than likely jerking off over Justin Bieber.

      Had I have taken a look at his typical useless shit before hand, I wouldn’t have even replied and just sent him to the spam folder. I thought he might have been from Femigade at first.


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