Shaun Has a Scotch With the Candour Boys And Girls

**  Warning to the Ladies and Parents – There is some bad language in this video  **

Put a quick video together here at WTFR for the Lads and Lasses over there at Candour to explain a few things and also to have a Scotch with them.  I don’t drink much these days Ladies and Gents and I have been better for it, but once in a while I like to pump up the metal and get a bit happy.  God knows we need to these days.

Enjoy the video and don’t be shy.  Send in those comments!


Eye of the Tiger Cover by:


7 thoughts on “Shaun Has a Scotch With the Candour Boys And Girls

  1. Isn’t there a bit of a contradiction when you say you shut down TCTA because of too much infighting and then immediately go on a rant against Heimbach, Roosh, David Duke, et al? Aren’t you guilty of the same thing you accuse others of?

    People disagree. That is just how they are. I don’t know what the solution is, but calling everyone you don’t like a leech probably isn’t it.

    In my case, I have no problem with Duke or Roosh, but I am very suspicious of Spencer and Kessler.

    I miss TCTA and am sorry to see it go, but we still have the Candour Hour. Those 600 plus emails you got the other day shows you have quite a following, even if they don’t leave comments. I never commented either. I don’t know why. You certainly have not offended me because I agree with just about everything you say.


    • Higgs, you ARE NOT a common listener of my broadcast as you claim here son! I know this, because if you were, then you would know that I have said on COUNTLESS occasions, that these douche bags like Heimbach, Roosh and Duke are NOT IN WITH US! They are simply the enemy, just as the jew is our enemy, so don’t fucking come here trying to poison the well boy, or you will get verbally fucked on the next show! Understood?

      Your verbal diarrhea is as bad as that, that comes from the cretins I talk about. Again, they are NOT in with us. They ARE the enemy. So it’s not infighting.

      I fight them as much as I fight the Rothschilds because they are one and the same.


      • I do listen to your show. I remember your very first podcast after you broke with Renegade and you went on a rant about Kyle and Sinead, something about Sinead was against you and Kyle took her side, something like that. It was a long time ago. I have been listening to you ever since, not every podcast, but a lot of them.

        I listen to David Duke too and have learned a lot from him. I heard all the stories about the guy, but I don’t have to like him to recognize that he puts out a quality podcast every day, which can’t be easy. Likewise, I have found Roosh to be a good writer. I don’t care about the pickup stuff, which he seems to have outgrown in any case.


      • Weren’t you just complaining about people who act all tough on the internet, but would not dare pull that crap face to face? I am a lot bigger than you, Mr. Skinny Arms. I am a big guy. I would like to see you call me a piece of shit to my face, you piece of shit.


      • I have bought people 2 times my size down on multiple occasions, hence so much jail time. You name the place and I will say it to your face! If you’re in the States, you will have to wait until I get back there.

        You just challenged the only “skinny arms” on the planet that WILL take you up on said challenge bitch.

        In the mean time, you can email me, because your rape loving self is no longer welcome on my website. You’re not going to stink it up, you faggot pussy!


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