Will The Real Serial Killers Please Stand Up

That’s right Ladies and Gents, we all hear about the evil white serial killers, such as Jefferey Dahmer and Marilyn Manson, (even though he only killed a couple from what we can tell) among so many others but we NEVER hear about the black serial killers.  Why is that?  Don’t you think that’s a little bit quaint?


and as somebody said in a comments area of a forum, by the name of Chris:

Pretty incomplete list. Should at least mention the arguably most profiler killer of them all, Lonnie Franklin, aka The Grim Sleeper. Plus, how about the violently radical “Zebra Killers”, black activists who killed only white folks? How about Benjamin Atkins, who killed 11 women inside 9 months?

This all goes untouched and it’s about time it is revealed.

Spread it far and wide.



6 thoughts on “Will The Real Serial Killers Please Stand Up

  1. Wow. First off, there was an author years back if anyone wants to spend some time hunting for the book that did expose some facts and amounts of black serial killers over the years. If I remember correctly there were the same amount of killers being black, than white, depending on how the crime was labeled or classified. Sorry but I can’t remember the name or correct title that had something to do with serial killers. Had a black dude on the cover. Also had some curious FBI facts that media won’t report on. It was many years ago about the time of cannibal Dahmer.

    Two. I had to go through another method to hear the programs and show. Don’t know how long it will last the way things are going. I have yet to try the chat room if anything is going on there or not I don’t know. Been banned by Chatango or by FireFox and Google/Yucktube that is doing most of my censoring and blocking.

    Using FF this is what I get, pasted below, when trying to listen in using that communist Soros loving MF-ers browser.


    “Unable to access account for surplus: Invalid username or password”

    Other sites are just blank like JewTube. Can’t even get their main page to load to contact them. Just by Facebook only.

    I’m not doing anymore upgrades with FF and trying to find a way to revert back at least to the last upgrade to see if that will stop the blocking. If it doesn’t wipe my pc clean. Cache and cookie clearing doesn’t help at all.

    According to internet giants like FF and others, no privacy policies will be followed by Google. They will continue to use tracking cookies, period. So why White people keep using Google Plus and all that is beyond me unless they want their listeners and blog readers to be tracked like Masfaith3 and their vids and blogs. “Resistance Chicks” supposedly.

    A very big storm is coming if people don’t get their shit together and to cease all this censoring and banning of info, alternative news, etc. Locally it’s already bad. When a white guy can get killed and isn’t news worthy to protect a Semite mafia by all local media and state wide, then this state is toast, has been for years.

    White man in a wheelchair gets mugged and tipped over by coons, not a word in the local news about it. If Antifa and spear chuckers go on a rampage or something else happens that too will not be news worthy or reported. Like their threats about Nov. 4 about civil war. So some people with platforms and some power or connections, white activist better get busy asking why we are being censored and screwed over by special interest scum, communist, internet companies to the friggin White House. Unless it’s just all too late except for the freaking crying, boo hooing, and could’ve, would’ve, should’ve shit. Piss on all other distractions and NFL crap.


    • Indiana that link is an old one… “https://albireo.shoutca.st/tunein/surplus.pls” Where did you get that? When you click TuneIn, it should be playing the new link, which is ” https://au1.fastcast4u.com:2199/tunein/wtfr.pls

      Ignore TuneIn for now and try one of the other links below TuneIn.

      Also, I dumped FF a long time ago, because it’s doing something in the background continuously. Most people don’t know it, because they have Solid State Drives, so the Harddrive activity is barely noticed, but I run old mechanical drives for some of my older server machines and FF was running the harddrives all day. I ditched FF and installed Opera Browser and haven’t any trouble since. Try that out and see how you go.

      It’s strange that you have that old link for the live stream. It’s like your cache hasn’t refreshed at all.

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  2. Thanks for the info Shaun. I can’t trust a single soul around here for any info or help at all.

    The “shoutcast” thing just pops up when I click on any of the links provided, Tunein, Winamp, etc. I tried with a different very old slow computer I have with an older version of FF and it provides a totally different looking appearance on your site with working links. But I am still being blocked from Youtube, RBN, alternative news sites, etc., with the older computer too. So one, or all, of those freaks, FF, Google, social media, have messed up my newer computer some how. And like Yucktube have seemingly blocked me from any access on their end of the works. IP address hiding programs don’t help either or work on their sites.

    Stinking FF, Mozilla, didn’t go public about standing with Soros over “fake news” until after their last so-called up-grades. Then along with Google all the hard censoring and banning increased to fascist, tyrannical levels.

    I recently purchased a “professional” cache cleaner and defragger but getting the same results when run on Windows, FF. So I’ll try Opera.

    I would go file by file and do more investigating but my eye sight is failing me now on top of everything else and will need surgery later on. Can’t even trust in damned medical ‘professionals’ here either. Kinda limits me on how much time I can spend trying to read, type, or raise some online hell. Plus having to deal with everything else in Indiana while sliding down the razor-blade of life due to the corruption, cover-ups, commies, activist, SJWs, sheep, dumb ass people, and our shadow government Israel.

    I have taken the time to try to notify all those being censored, losing their listeners, etc., with few replies other than ‘they know,’ or stating that ‘yes the censors are out in the open today.’ Then go on discussing, wasting time, with side distractions like football, Hollyweird, rather than focusing on the censoring which in my mind should be priority status. Non-stop. There should be a calling for a public out-roar and marches from every quarter, but isn’t happening. We are supposed to be living in a world of information, public access to info, , sharing, etc. Not so. Near total disconnectedness/black-outs in the age of computers. Pathetic. Makes me glad I’m as old as I am and won’t be around this planet much longer. I’ve done my best and then some. I don’t envy the younger generations with their future and upcoming battles, in my mind.

    Pretty sad we are censored to death too. You know I can’t put any negatives about my town, state, etc., on my tombstone. Against the rules and laws preventing me from putting “I am buried face down so the world can kiss my white ass,” no curses for Israel, no “good bye cruel world,” no lasting curses on my town, nothing allowed that is not PC or seen as a negative or “socially acceptable.” WTF! The majority of cemeteries and funeral homes here are owned by Jews… or their Goyim slaves/ass kissers. Include those concerning autopsies, forensics too. Guess the enemy can get rid of their human sacrifices or their enemies easier and have their way with the dead, or hide their pedophilia proclivities or killed off sex slaves. Who would ever know or get to know about. All the countless thousands of missing children and people are going somewhere. More research we aren’t supposed to do or question. Another area in life where again, Jews have total control. Ahem, in my youth I used to go play poker in the backroom of a funeral parlor and had a friend that lived in another part of a funeral home, and one lived in a local cemetery care-takers/part funeral parlor house. So some dots can be connected from my life experience.

    The complacency, ignorance and hypocrisy of it all: Few care, few realize or know, the behind the scenes hate, smoke and mirrors, Kumbaya shit, or disgust for others in life/death/religions too. I don’t know how it is ‘down under’ but here the faiths and people are separated in the majority of places, in their final resting places too. I questioned this from my youth. There are cemeteries for Catholics only, or across the road… protestants only. Of course we know, or should, that the Chosen/da Jew, can’t be located or buried next to Goyim either. A Goy nurse can not touch, or supposed to touch a dead Jew. The very wealthy are separated from the peons or pawns. The best kept and showy manicured sites are for the Chosen and wealthy who have been planted. Then we have the Jew only cemeteries and burial rites we never hear of. They can have whatever BS and claims to fame, activism, last sentiments, they want on their tombstones or slabs. Just like entire towns or cities made up of Jews only and no-one else is allowed to move into, period. More likely to be found around Jew York City and state or bigger cities. No-one seems to question their intolerance for others or their allowable, legal, segregation from all others. The prohibiting of others to move in or around them for obvious reasons. Or of them living on the government teat while being wealthy too. Odd stuff the sheep don’t consider, know of, or may support.

    Damn. Went from computers, censoring, banning, filthy Jews, to death in one rant. I need a nap.

    Again, thanks! Thanks for allowing me to squawk a little. And take care of yourself!


  3. Will the REAL rapist stand UP ?? no.. ?? of coarse not .. Even in North West Europe Whites are portrait as the evil white man… and every news outlet discards and/or fails to mention who rapes our white woman… Because that’s fucking RACIST… you evil evil white man… Ugh really fucking news … but they conveniently forget to mention who ended “So called slavery”..

    Yeah right .. they still make it sound that a black man was hanging from every branch from every tree. ! .

    and now this shit is all over us.. left right and center .. political and physical. Mud can do no wrong .. have to give asylum have to care and give give give .. give more and more … Ugh blech puke barf

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  4. You mean Charles Manson? He didnt koll anyone. Unless you were joking . . . Jeffery Amherst the jewish british general was one of the greatest mass murderers of all time by masterminding the smallpox epidemic by inoculation of the native population with infected blankets. Then you have jews Lenin and Stalin exterminating hundreds of millions of European Christians in fifty years. The judeo Catholic church holocausted 600 million mostly Europeans over 500 years. According to Guiliani Dahmer was a jew. Not sure about that . . . My favorite mass murderer was Richard Kuklinsky “The Iceman” who basically wiped out the mob single handedly. He was doing God’s work. He is estimated to have killed over 250 people, mostly criminals and scumbags. What a fucked up life he had. Watch “Confessions of a hit man” on YouTube.
    I never had problems with FF. I never use virus software. 25 years. But I know how to navigate around problems, and I dont watch virus laden porn sights.
    Thre number one problem facing the European race besides their innate stupidity, are jew doctors who wipe out about 2 million mostly white Americans a year. Every year. Thats 2500 a day, everyday. 5000 if you include those listed as “natural causes” short of my guts hanging out, ill never go to a jew doctor ever again. I see how they fucked over my parents and I will never forget or forgive them for this. Ever.
    Gentlemen, your number one threat to the European race, are jew doctors. Bar none. By light years.

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