The 24/7 Lineup Will Come Down Temporarily And Reyvolt’s Show

Hey there good readers…

Just a heads up on todays activities.

Later this afternoon, should you be a regular listener of the repeat 24/7 lineup, which features Dr. William Pierce, Eustace Mullins, Peter Schaenk among others, including many of the shows that were done here on WTFR, you will experience some silence for a small time, whilst it is all moved over to a different computer.  I will try and get it all done as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that your programing is not long disturbed.

Questions have been asked about Robert Reyvolt’s show, in that will I still be taking notes for him and recording his broadcasts?  The answer is yes, even though I did not get around to doing so this week.  I needed to take a break from all of it and this weekend was just what the doctor ordered.

Emails have literally been off the planet crazy.  887 people listened to the final show in the first day and that is just accumulating.  Over 600 emails!  Almost all of them good ones.  (It’s taken me 2 days to get through them.)  That’s just fucking crazy!  Where were you all in the comments section?  Nowhere to be fucking seen.  Thanks for your support, but you were a little too late in the fucking game, don’t you think?  “Shaun, just take a break and come back….”  “Shaun, why did you leave?  I loved your show…”  “Shaun, I will join the comments area if you come back…”  Like seriously, What The Fucking FUCK?  NOW you want to come out and play, right when I DON’T need your support?  Pffft.  What a joke!

To those of you that made an effort at the time WTFR was at it’s prime, Thank You.

Take care and look out for the Candour Hour coming in the next 11 hours there abouts…


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