The Final Live Show On WTFR

The final show went well Ladies and Gents, but keep in mind, I (Shaun) was very much straight to the point and letting people have it with both barrels.

The bullcrap that comes with alternative radio has lost us the battle at this point and we have to find other ways to deal with it all.

It doesn’t matter if it’s RBN, Renegade, Radio Wherwolf, Revere Radio or WTFR, we may be waking some people up, but it’s a drop in the ocean and then when you add the infighting and the stupidity that comes with them, the uphill battle becomes a huge joke and nobody takes us seriously.

Back in the day, when Schaenk Talk World Wide and Oracle Broadcasting was around, alternative radio was taken more seriously and this was when we harvested most of the alternative thinkers, but not anymore.  Instead we get a trickle of people that buy into sky-fairies and Pagan fucking gods.  Is it any wonder it’s going nowhere?  And all the while the kikes are laughing all the way to the jew scheckle bank.

I’m done with it so I let rip about how I feel.  There were a few things I left out, such as my disappointment in John Beattie.  I respect him well enough, but there was no reason that he needed to leave the network and there certainly was no reason for him to remove me as friend, immediately after he asked me if we can still be friends.  This is unacceptable.  I took Beattie in after Renegade threw him under the bus, so he could have had a little more respect, called me up and discussed this.  Very disappointed indeed and this is just one of those things that makes this so called “movement” a “bowel movement”.

I’m finished with it.  I am now going to live some life.  Look for other ways to spread the word efficiently outside of this egocentric, narcissistic, fantasy like bullshit.

I will still do the occasional TCTA broadcast and I will also be doing a pre-recorded Candour Hour each week, so you will still get to hear me, but the live shows are done and gone.

My advice to you Ladies and Gents, is stay as FAR away from these networks as possible, because they have become stagnant like dried blood.

Thanks to all of you that stuck by me for all of these years, it’s been an adventure.

Again, listen with caution, because I really let rip.  Especially on you religious retards.


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12 thoughts on “The Final Live Show On WTFR

  1. Sound points. We have to choose strategies we can believe in and commit to. Anything else is self-delusion. Building white bright and beautiful communities is a great choice. Unfortunately, without some windfall, that means shekel chasing. Does shekel chasing to reach the goal of a white community make you a bad person? Only if you do bad things chasing shekels. One can retain honour and make money.

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    • And whilst we make money to do good things, those good things will yield results, that require less and less money.

      Hunted animals, will replace beef off the supermarket shelves. Home grown produce will replace Monsanto’s poison off the supermarket shelves. Etc, etc…

      If we work hard enough at it, who knows, some day we might not need to spend another dime. Unlikely? Who knows? But I am sure as shit not going to sit here on my hands to find out. I’m going to get out there and do it!

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  2. I am with you, 100%, Mr. Surplus. I have been screaming-from-the-roof-tops about what has been happening to this bowel-movement, FOR GOING-ON NINE FUCKING YEARS, NOW, and not a GOD DAMNED THING has changed, for the absolute-most-part, except the situation is even worse, NOW, than it was, then.

    We are, without-ANY-doubt, our own worst-enemy, as a collective, because we have some of the worst kinds-of-people on “our side”, while (((the cabal))) laughs at our collective-detriments, and COMPLETE INABILITY TO COME-TOGETHER, AND FIGHT-TOGETHER, WITH A COMMON-GOAL, AND REFUSE TO ESPOUSE COMPLETE-FUCKING-BULLSHIT, LIKE (((muh flat-Earth))), (((muh…no-nukes))), etc.

    You people MUST, MUST, MUST!!!, prove yourselves worthy against our collective-enemy, and PROVE to (((the kabbal/cabal))) that you/we are NOT worthless, useless, and unworthy of our very existence, because THAT, Ladies and Gentlemen, is why we are getting nowhere, or at least not making-REAL-progress, as we SHOULD be making, given the level-of-prima-facie-evidence of all that we contend is happening, in the macrocosm, against common-humanity, by (((the cabal))).

    I stand-by EVERYTHING that I have written, 100%.


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  3. My little notations/thoughts while listening to your last show: One thought is about drops in listeners is the possibility/probability of loss due to them being blocked or prevented from logging in to some selected sites like I have been. And the reason why I can’t listen in to your last show. Like I and many others can’t listen to live RBN, WRH, and others. Being totally banned and can’t even log in to JewTube’s home page. It was being discussed on alternative news sites here and there about loss of listeners. Paul Craig Roberts put out a email news letter about the “Hard Censoring.” Caravan to Midnights” JewTube news broadcasts discussed issues of being banned or censored. Few stuck to the issue of all the censoring, chose to concentrate more on all the other distractions happening and now we have near total black-outs for anything other that official narratives, propaganda, and no way for other to connect or network with.

    WordPress has not blocked me yet. Or else you would have never heard from me again.

    Here in Indiana and my college town I have been dealing with being censored, threatened, censored or banned from every chat forum or board we have had here. Also for thirty years or more and just got worse over the years to what we have today. I have copied and screen shot a lot of it over the years. Total censorship, and for me a near total black-out of sorts. Topix, Eve, Hey Martha forums, etc. Disallowed to comment on our local news sites when they gave that opportunity, to now no comments sections provided. Moderators for those forums or anonymous boards are usually in form of media rats, city council people, college kids, or paid techs working for newspapers. Most newspapers now demand you subscribe to their papers so you can comment. They may say anonymously but they have your real info to your banking info, and still ban you if you disagree with them. They also want to draw out or make known to the public who all the dissenters, or in their eyes, who their enemy is. That way we are open to attacks by legal means or by illegal means and using their thugs or rogue cops.

    Been dealing with the brain dead since I was a pup.

    So to me and others deeply affected by censoring or the near total loss of freedom of speech, it’s beyond serious. No communication, no info, isolated, your fucked. Should have been a main topic along with those distractions for years but hasn’t. Should have been the hours long topic and hunt for remedy and help instead of hours long of religions or something else less important for the… here and now. You lose media, lose free speech, lose the ability to contact/connect with others, to report any form of harm, what a individual may be going through, that will later become to affect all should be a priority. No communication or sharing…. no networking… no real events known of…. we are all finished. Many of us I suppose, with my experience, have been isolated and silenced. No one really knows just how many of us have been banned or treated like I have been. It’s just like dealing with veteran’s health care here and all it’s corruption, censoring, and attempts to silence those with major issues with them and others in control. Bow to the Jews, commies and psychopaths, they won, have. I wish I could be a hacker.

    Now that it is all in the open, the censoring, and a white man can get killed here by a Semite mafia kid and it’s kept out of the news. The only way of knowing about his killing is to have known him, or had been a life long friend. Now what? How much other shit out there is going on that none of us are aware of or ever hear of? Now that we are divided, separated, isolated, silenced, news/info black outs, are we going to see the thugs come out to kill us off, put us in prison as political prisoners or anti-Semites, or non-Commies? Evil white crackers, Polar Bears, Goy? Not much more to lose for a complete Zio take over and Bolshevik living akin to the Soviet Union. Shit.

    Local Boy Scouts bowed down, and forced by Marx-feminist to allow girls in. Have been for years. Along with the limp wristed. Just making public news. Oh it’s to make boys learn to respect females and join in the “high adventures” of traveling or going to Africa. WTF. Nothing like living in a town and state totally controlled by communist, lefties, Israel, Jews, illegals, etc.

    A group of us White veterans at one of my last trips to the VA were told to sign special contracts with the VA and “allow” them to “force” us to take anti-depressants and other shit to get our pain meds. Which I have been told I’d need the rest of my life. We endured being talked to like dogs, told we were criminals or would be, and on it went. Told the VA, Homeland Security, (Jewish) medical boards and medical schools, colleges, controlled our health care in Indian and if we left VA care like I told the idiot I was going to do, “would never find health care again in the state. This and more while my blood and urine tests, compliance with all their request and playing guinea pig were totally clean, not even alcohol, for twenty five years. And no issues of abusing pain meds or my creating any problems with the staff until under Obama the activist, corrupt, and ill treatment, threats, began. And getting civilain care has not been easy either and another big game. So the VA threats, and those from the various activist and SJWs are true. Anyone care to investigate it? Nope not here just more threats, harassment, being ignored, censorship, etc. No pain meds for over two years or proper medical care. Just protecting the VA and the whole sheebang.

    For any chance for pain meds I am to go through the testing. See supposedly the only Jew pain clinic in town, sign contracts where they can sue a patient for any reasoning, promise no suing for malpractice to sitting in the waiting room for SIX hours. Then to be passed around to several other Jew MDs and their specialties after seeing other of the same for many years and told they can do nothing for my issues. Yet I am to play the money game. I kid you not.

    Just ONE example of shit is this. The VA broke and shattered my jaw while pulling a molar tooth. Seen a civilian dentist and oral surgeon here for dentures and repair. Several more surgeries, removal of jaw bones as far back as could be reached and still a mess. The doctors here would not x-ray it or report who and how my jaw was severely broken. Then had to fight for my records which I did not get, according by law. Got one paper and it was not the medical file I seen in office. That is how it rolls here. So now with all the censoring and stuff I can’t reach out to find other vets who have been threatened or going through what I am. All I get is harassment and censored full circle and from every quarter including a local hospital’s staff, VA unions, their family members, etc. I am the Polar Bear enemy daring to complain and speak some truth, and want to see corruption exposed on all levels. Point being we can’t always pick our battles, they come to us and then become floods of problems. Even for this old man who has also wanted to just be left alone, live life reasonably peacefully in the “golden age” and relax. Not happening. I surely am not just going to back down, lay down, totally silenced, threatened, or quieted now. By ‘their’ choices and actions, not mine.

    America? Pretty sad when you have zero voice. Can’t trust anyone including elected or appointed politicians, the media, veteran’s groups, any form of “professionals” attorneys, judges, cops, nurses, MDs, desk clerks, state’s medical boards, attorney general, state agencies, mail delivery, et al. Except for the occasional warnings from some workers or staff about a lot going on but can’t say. Call a staff member back again and they’ll report all is fine and great here, no complaints from anyone or from vets. Total BS. I just keep making enemies, obvious medical files and info made public to the corrupt, and being exposed so the activist can play. Include all those cowardly phonies, Oath Keepers, ACLU commies, preachers, churches, synagogues, religious, even Pagan, Wiccans, etc., care to get involved and challenge all the corruption or massive invasion of illegals here. What a freaking mess and pack of jokers and hypocrites. Oh, and that includes fairies.

    A question pops up in my mind: Not going back to other shows/stations, and such. Any ideas of other shows or people to listen to? Try to chat/connect with? I mean real serious white people minus the dumb shit, divisions (fat chance), info, etc?

    Oh well. I will be popping in and hope you still send out email notifications about your shows or Candour.

    Word of warning brother. I have not seen or heard of any white intentional communities working out due to the same problems you’re having with the network, sadly. Not one. That is over like a forty year span of life. If so I never heard of any positive outcomes. Even the libtards, intentional religious/spiritual ones, and hippy communities failed in truth. Besides the BS we might see on some commie lefty TV show which is more BS. They all divide, have divided, in-fighting, some turned criminal, abusive, fanatical, dangerous, split families up, taken in agents for corruption, taken down good and decent leadership, and on and on it goes. So be forewarned and cautious. Some on past forums declared perfection or ‘making it happen’ but I’d have to see it with my own eyes, physically. Won’t hold my breath.

    A simple groups of White campers here could not stay together in peace many years back without divisions. Due to Freemasonry, the Jews of course, perks and the benefits from some enjoying corruption/censoring, the agents, religions, etc. The egos, control freaks, narcissist, not allowing others just to be individuals with our own mindsets and beliefs, etc. So nothing is safe or sacred, or easy.

    Main thing is taking care of yourself. We can’t do a thing if we keep pushing on to only crash and burn. Be care takers, providers, sick or death bed sitters, info providers, supporters and such for years only to wake up old, seeing so many die off, others run off, be hypocrits, liars, phony, join the commie herds to fit in or get laid, and no-one around to do the same for you that you’ve done for many others. Sometimes life will give very few breaks from all we have to face off with. Sometimes to the very day we die, and to which I have seen several locally do, or forced to do, until they are bed-fast and taking their last breaths.

    Good show! Take great care. All the best to you and your endeavors.

    Whew. Glad I finally got this wrote out, Took hours and a lot of bed-rest. lol I gotta go take a nap.

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    • I don’t think people cover the censorship full time because it’s so obvious and I ain’t being sarcastic when I say that. We are all going through it. if I was to list how many chatrooms, forums and shows I was blocked from, you’d shriek. Every network I know of has discussed it, but it’s not something that can be made a full time issue, with all the other things going on. For instance, we couldn’t ask Rob Reyvolt to drop everything else and talk about censorship all the time, because he would lose his listener base.

      I don’t know of anything quite like WTFR that you could listen to. The emails have swamped me since the final show. We had just under a thousand people listen to that show and most are not happy at all that I have closed down. In their own words, “there is nobody else out there that is as real as you are”. This is what they are saying and although I am happy that people understand who I am as a man, it doesn’t bode well for them, because I don’t have an alternative to give them. Some people talk about Radio Wherewolf being OK, but they don’t seem to totally trust them and to be honest, neither do I. They are Trumptards and don’t seem to fight against the homos and other filth as much as they should. I’ve heard rumours that they are kind of like the alt-right that way, where they are happy to accept homos. I am not impressed if that is true.

      The white village wouldn’t be as tightly packed as you may think. As Jacko and I have discussed, there would only be a select few of us and even then, we wouldn’t be living in each others pockets. It would be very much like now, where people visit their friends on the weekends or something like that after everything is established. Unless of course somebody needed help with something. We’re not talking hippy confest here.

      I was glad to have your company throughout this discourse Indiana. Thanks for caring and you take care as well. I don’t have all the answers, but like you, I can say, take care of yourself.


  4. Cheers Shaun for your work, I’ve only been listening to you since January.
    At 3h34:30 “..Religion is the longest ongoing mind war known to man..” Yep, spot on.
    I recommend the book “Not in His Image” by John Lamb Lash – for a brutal critique on religion, the origin of the “chosen righteous few” and history of the imposition of christianity upon indigenous Europeans.

    “The divine victim [Jesus] mirrors to humanity, not the solution to our suffering and a way to overcome it, but our total, consuming enslavement to it. Victimage works because it makes the force of suffering look stronger than the life force itself.” page 249

    Lash also reconstructs the pre-christian goddess mythology that is embodied in the Earth, an alternative narrative of human origins from the Nag Hammadi texts. I’m not preaching pagan faeries to you- take it or leave it.
    May you venture back into the wilderness and discover Divinity

    All the best

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  5. Hey Mate: I just got back from holiday and I finally had a chance to listen to your final show. This was one of the best ones that you have done. The banter between all of the guests was delightful. I don’t blame you for taking a break Lad. at least we will still be able to enjoy the Candour Hour and the occasional show that you will do. Cheers.


    • Yeah I was going to be doing a Candour hour a few days back, but my studio account emptied of cash, so I have to travel into the city to transfer some cash into it. That won’t be until Tuesday.


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