Hey Ladies and Gents.

WTFR is shutting down.  I do regret to tell you this, but I have better things to do with my time than deal with White Divide and Conquer.

The website will remain up and running for a pre-recorded Candour Hour each week and I will do the occasional TCTA here and there, but I’m done.  I will also allow the shows we have recorded to keep running in the lineup for a while, before I shut the servers down.

I was 17 when I started in all this (42 now) and now I am dealing with sky-fairy cock sucking fucking idiots, that think for a moment I am that dumb.  I ain’t wasting my time on this anymore.  I’m finished.

I recorded this audio below briefly before I decided to end the network, so take it for what it is.

This will in fact be refreshing for me.  I’m sick and fucking tired of sitting in front of this cuck fucked screen.

You take care.  I have done my best.  It’s time I get back out to live life.


This bloke might give god a pass, but I don’t. Broke my fucking heart.

15 thoughts on “Done

  1. Your podcast is that important to me, I am willing to start to pay you a small amount of money each month to continue it. I know you do not do the podcast for money, but I wanted to make the offer to show you how important your podcast is to me. Nobody is saying the things you are saying, in the way you are saying them. Keep on fighting, White brother.


    • I appreciate that, Sir. But you must understand, I was getting gray at 30, so you can imagine now. I’m not kidding when I say, that when all this shit comes to pass, I might have a heart attack.

      I worked my arse off for 25 years, only to come to this result. We have woken people up, but still, within our own midst, we have superstitious nonsense that causes even more discourse than what we already have set in front of us.

      And here’s something for you:

      Gadsden was almost fired on 3 occasions since he has been with the network because of his fairy shenanigans, but he jumped up and down and begged and screamed not to be fired, so I gave him chance after chance. Then, when he found out the network had been dumped tonight/today, he calmly said, “Thank You”. Which just made me go “WTF?” He’s since apologised and tried explaining it to me via email, but I am afraid I am done. Spent.

      John Percent was right, I invited him to the network, but it was never going to happen. I ain’t into fairy-tales and he ain’t into commonsense.

      It’s a shame. I really did have long term plans for the network, but tonight was the first time I faced reality. Not trying to be dramatic, but I look back at Oracle, Schaenk Talk World Wide, Orion, Renegade, even RBN having listened to that station for so many years and I now see with crystal clear vision, that we’re fucked. We’re honestly fucked. We can’t get along with each other, let alone make plans.

      When we start saying to ourselves, that “we’re fucked”, it’s irrelevant to whether or not we are correct, it just means that it’s time to say goodbye. I don’t have what it takes anymore. I had fire in me up until a week ago believe it or not. But the fire is out.

      You take care dude. I honestly say Thank You for your kind words. I will still be doing the occasional TCTA to vent and I will do a weekly pre-recorded Candour Hour. So I won’t be far away.

      Stay cool.

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  2. Everybody around me, blacks and whites, are highly dysfunctional. It isnt just the white kids doing drugs, the parents are doing them right along with them. All I can do is cover my own ass. I dont trust my own race. They will steal from you behind your back. All the girls I meet are on some drug or mental pills. So Im not sure what audience we are trying to reach at this point. To me it seems pretty hopeless. If I wanted to move to some farm town upstate, they are all on meth and stealing copper pipe out of houses. The whites have become niggers. Ive been hammering about the jews for 20 fucking long years, to no avail. We are pretty much fucked. Dont put yourself out anymore. Thank you for your time and effort. Your work is impeccable.

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  3. And Gads going flat earth, . . Cant deal. He should have stayed with interviews. I appreciate the Pierce audios, I agreed with most of what he had to say. The problem I had with Rockwell was he was using the “nazi” word. To me it was a red flag. Its “Nationalist” Beatie did it too. How many hours in a fucking day do we have ?
    As for the meta physical stuff, I used to practice astral projection and dream work. These are subjective and I cant convince anyone of my own personal experience. It got so heavy that I had to stop. Ghosts ? Never seen one, but I only know people who have. I saw the grim reaper once but I think the weed was treated. I think part of the problem is we are so fixated on the material world, we cant see the spiritual world. In order for the meta physical to be real, there has to be a physical manifestation confirming it. But we dont need to discuss this, these things are not important at this moment in time, we have far more pressing issues.
    You and John were friends for four years, I believe you said, so why now ? What happened?


  4. Well, I guess Google is blocking me here too. Can’t log in to chat and listening modes fail with no recourse. Will have to wait and see if you put your final show in another email notification with Mp3 download and etc., like usual. Not a chance now to listen in live. The filthy bastards. All I get when trying to log in is a Google Android App logo, and won’t accept my login. So my email or Firefox, plus Google must be blocking in many places along with JewTube.


  5. I would donate too but if it’s affecting your health and having too much burn-out it must be time to back off. You know yourself better than anyone else does. Either for good, a while, or put on a back shelf to occasional pop-ins. Too much stress and feeling like a heart attack, even from a deep passion of sorts, is not good.

    Gadsden and others are not your problem and should not be. I’d canned his ass during his second chance. Anyone, I don’t care who or how long they claim to be in “the movement” and continues on creating division or pushing their shit on others, is not on our team. It also shows who and what we may be dealing along with their puffed ego and narcissism. A lot of people have ruined perfectly fine positions and platforms by ruining it with their issues or wanting to control others, religions, or demand everyone jump on their bandwagon. It shows their heart and passions and hidden agendas if they don’t wise up and shut up.

    I’ve stated my beliefs once and that’s enough. I don’t give a shit about Israel either or the Chosen. One cannot support Israel, Jews, and then claim to worry about our race, cultures and own countries. Many claim to be patriots or white nationalist then bow to Israel which is BS. Cognitive Dissonance and afraid hell. You can’t fight an enemy to only bow and support them in some fashion or reasoning.

    I have honestly been saying that for many years. “We are fucked as a people.” Totally. Daily I think looking back over the many years… Stupid freaking people have screwed the pooch and ruined it all, ‘Fucking People.” I’ll continue on in my own ways but my health comes first too and knowing I can’t get drunk or go nuts on somebody. It’s really very difficult for me today to sit and have discussion with some asshole in public, a politician, commie town hall meeting, average scum activist from a special interest group, etc. My concentration fly away, lose focus, what gift of gab I have left gets garbled, false teeth wanna drop out, get short winded, blood pressure shoots up, pain increases, headaches begin, adrenaline starts pumping and wanna just choke the shit out of a bunch of lying freaks that need it.

    The other side issue to this we can think we know people or someone for years only to turn out we didn’t really know them at all. I am talking like twenty or so years. Like many marriages. It takes many years and all kinds of situations to really get to know someone, and in person.

    I wish you and yours well. Take care of yourself!!

    That is my Murphy’s Law for me. Find something good and real then lose it. If we can’t get something done about all this censoring crap, divisions, is a grim scene for the future.

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  6. Im a “pagan” i respect Shaun a out look more .
    The real vikinga Only hade race as religion
    Hunt and servued
    Not pray in a tempel
    I dont care religion debatt

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  7. thanks for your work.
    we are lone wolves and we can’t help but invent, explore, experiment and question.
    and fight for it.

    though John Percent was right in repeating the call for questioning whilst discussing various topics,
    ‘Show Me!’ Show Me! Give Me Proof!’
    it was interesting to hear him being unable to hold his own religious beliefs to the same scrutiny.

    in the end that’s either plain arrogant, or a neurological problem.
    for that alone this was an educational treat i reckon. this was live action radio.
    i remember CG fighting with this c.i. caller, but wouldn’t really give him the time to talk.
    but you gave christian John the rope (an entire show to be accurate), and funnily enough ,
    despite coming across as an intelligent man,
    in the end he hanged himself & the whole judaic ‘one God’-belief system with it.

    ‘where thought is free’ you set out as a goal, and for John it became a bait
    so mission well accomplished sir i’d say.

    nothing but the whole truth will do.
    excluding any form of questioning & discussion, is exactly why we are in this state of affairs.

    ok, enough, over&out, and as always

    ‘keep the faith’ -lol

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    • I never pushed religion on anyone. All I do is show people what the alleged Jesus said about the jews. Whoever wrote the bible did humanity the favor of slipping in those verses. Because you dont have to carry the weight of being anti jew, “Jesus said it, I didnt . . .” You see ? No christian seems to get this. Nobody knows anything about God. And may never know even when you die and the truth is Shaun is right in that regard, its not really provable. CI has rhe same problem the JWs have, being pushy. I hate pushy.


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