The Green Pilled Perspective w/ Gadsden 2017-10-10

On this episode of TGPP, Gads talks about:

  • Gadsden gets a week ban on twitter shortly after he calls out Harold Covington
  • Harold Covington posted on twitter we should accept Richard Spencer as our leader because the media chose him as one
  • Gay Jewish State Senator of California pushed bills into laws that jail people for using wrong pronouns for trannies while knowingly spreading HIV also gets legalized
  • Muslims demand pork free menus or they’ll leave America  (Shaun’s notes:  GOOD!  Fuck off ya woman beating sack of crap.  Nobody wants you there anyway.  You look like a bunch bearded turds on feet and can’t help but stir up trouble…  Get out of our white countries and let us live peacefully.)
  • Milo’s filmed singing “America the Beautiful” while Alt-Righters salute him  (Shaun’s notes:  Shows what degenerates the alt-right is…  They are as bad as Antifa…)
  • Yesterday was Leif Erickson day, the first European after the birth of Christ to discover mainland America. Christopher Columbus was possibly was Marrano Jew

And much more…


Tuesday, 10 October 2017

——– ——
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2 thoughts on “The Green Pilled Perspective w/ Gadsden 2017-10-10

  1. The jews were very clever in “outbreeding” with every race they come in contact with. That is their strategy to graft their DNA onto every race they come in contact with from Chinese to Africans, Germans, Italians, English (now British) to Taino indian (Puerto Ricans) ETC . They did this thru force, rape and seduction. Then they raise up and nurture those bloodlines. Its sort of like a genetic capture the flag. Most people think Columbus was Italian but he wasnt, he was a marrano converso jew. He brought 450 ships of diaspora jews to the Caribbean and interfaced by force with the natives and africans and created “new races”. The Ashkenazi jew will be the new white race but they are not pure European.
    Freemasonry plays an important role in this genetic interface. The European race interfaced with the judaic bloodlines many centuries ago, so there really isnt any pure European races anymore. This is why the task at hand, is daunting at best.


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