Time and Day Change for The Candour Hour

Hey Ladies and Gents.

As many of you know, I was doing the Candour Hour at 8PM EST United States time on a Monday which was Tuesday 10 AM here in Australia.  This wasn’t working well for work, and even more so, interfering with my holiday time with my children, so I have decided to change the time.

The new time may not bode well for the United States, but the Candour Hour isn’t necessarily meant to be catered for the States anyhow, given that A.K. Chesterton came out of Britain as does Candour Magazines.  The new time suits me better at 7 PM Australian time (8 PM daylight savings time) which is 5 AM American EST, but works great at 10 AM for the UK and surely for Mr. Colin Todd (editor of Candour Magazines) and Mr. Rob Black (Producer of Candour Magazines).

I apologise for the screwing about, but I am a one man army when it comes to running the mechanics of all of this and sometimes I need to get a feel for what needs to be done, as you can see in this instance.

Even though, The Candour Hour may not suit every timezone, it now fits the timezone most needed, (the UK) and in the meantime, the timezones in lag, can download the show on the Candour Archive Page for later listening, should they miss out on it live.

Take care of yourselves, my White Brothers & Sisters in Arms and I look forward to reading your emails, for The Candour Hour.



2 thoughts on “Time and Day Change for The Candour Hour

  1. Thanks for doing what you do Shaun. I know you don’t like a parade but you do deserve a slap on the back once in a while (and the occasional punch in the face when you’re being difficult but whatever….) I hope everyone else at WTFR will take a moment to stop and say thanks for helping our white race.

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    • Ha! I’ve been challenging for people for years to get in the ring with me and Maiden is the only one to take me up on the offer. I mean shit, we men need some type of fight club, we are meant to fight.

      Looking forward to that punch in the face Maidz. LOL

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