The Candour Hour – A Special Bulletin and A Farewell To A Comrade

On this special bulletin edition of The Candour Hour, Shaun speaks about the moving of Candour Magazines and how people can help out by donating some cash or purchasing a Candour Magazine in this time of need.

Shaun then goes on to read an article from the special Candour bulletin newsletter that comes out of, Saluting and bidding farewell to Ernst Zundel.


You can make a donation or purchase a Candour Magazine at this link here:

Thank You for your help.

Candour Magazines and Shaun Surplus.

4 thoughts on “The Candour Hour – A Special Bulletin and A Farewell To A Comrade

  1. Great special bulletin Shaun. I would not have heard of his passing otherwise. I don’t even know if this post will get though. I can’t even get logged in to Chatango like I did before. I have already been censored and banned on Youtube to Twitter. And had to leave a couple of veteran’s forums and Facebook pages due to their support for local corruption, the Jews, and other assorted activist even Antifa. So I had to draw some lines in the sand there too. F-em.

    I have re-ordered some books by Zundel again. We tried to get them in a local library but later told by a friends wife who worked there said they were thrown out (twice). So much free speech and truth in America, and this was around thirty five years ago and it’s all only gotten much worse since.

    Some weeks back I also ordered some books by AKC, from Candour, by way of Alibris books online. And will try to donate more.

    Going through some hell here with health issues and with all the local activist, Antifa in suits/scrubs, and other professionals. Had to call a local hospital’s administration to tell their feminist staff and lefties to stop the harassing phone calls and threats. Yes, from medical staff for merely complaining about the VA health care systems, pissed of Marx-feminist staff who think a white man or vet should not question them at all, and the civilian health care workers around here protecting them and their lefty union workers and buddies. I wrote to you before about it but haven’t seen the post so I don’t know what goes through, moderated or blocked like I am by Google, Youtube, Mozilla and others. It’s really getting bad here.

    Have a good day and thanks again Shaun.

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  2. Hey Indiana. I’ve taken a look and none of your posts have been blocked or gone to the spam folder, so I don’t know what happened there. Are you sure your remembered to click post comment? I’ve posted a huge diatribe in the past and forgot to click post comment.

    Glad you got something out of the broadcast man. Cheers.


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    • LOL. I thought I hit the post button but it didn’t act as usual and then the post flashed away in a odd way then just didn’t show, then a new post window popped up. In my condition I have to be careful of what buttons I push online.

      I don’t know about elsewhere but the enemies are cracking down hard here locally and statewide. Seemingly networking throughout the entire internet, email providers, and all the control freaks. Ingrid Zundel emailed me reporting that the “enemy” has “axed” her PayPal and credit card accounts for the/her “Soaring Eagles Studio and Gallery.”

      Now since emailing Mozilla and asking why they joined up with Soros, with no reply back, my pc has been acting goofy since the last upgrade. That’s okay. I’ll go old school on their asses cause they are NOT going to shut me up. I am having some magnetic signs made up for my truck and a sign like they use in politics to sit in the back with big letters, with my focus being on freedom of speech, the insane censoring, nepotism, sources of threats, to the felonious release and harassment use of my VA and civilian medical files that no-one should have open access to, but does. Nothing being safe, private or secure here. Nothing sacred.

      The above along with the stickers on my vehicles now about “I survived the VA,” and “The VA, giving veterans a second chance to die for their country,” will surely draw more attention, flak, and others to back away from the old big ugly, balding, bearded Polar Bear, Goy, or cracker.

      Will try to get on Chatango Thursday during your show, or maybe earlier, and let you know by email if I am banned there too, or prevented from gaining any kind of access. So far it’s not working for me.


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