Know Your Place Or Pay My Bills

Ladies and Gents if you come into the chatroom and/or do a show and mention that you are a Pagan or a Christian, then you can expect blow back from the other side, such as the Atheists or Agnostics.  I don’t see myself as any of the labels you put on me, I am just Shaun, but you go ahead and have fun in the sand with the rest of the kiddies.

Don’t dare tell me that you can come into the chatroom and start mentioning your religions and philosophies and then I have to shut the fuck up, so that I don’t hurt your superstitious fucking feelings, because I’ll simply tell you to go and fuck yourself.

If you come and mention you are Christian, then you can expect people to react if they believe the opposite.  If you’re here to fight for white, then do it and shut the fuck up.  My network doesn’t need religion to fight the good fight, that’s YOUR weakness, not mine.

When I stayed with Paul Topete and his Family, do you think for a moment that I asked him to take the crucifixes off his walls?  No!  Do you think I walked away from the table when they said grace?  No!  It’s his home and I respect it.  Well, WTFR is MY fucking home, so don’t tell me what I can and can’t do in it or that I am some how trying to convert you.  Fuck that, I wouldn’t waste my time.  But I will speak my opinion, since you shoved your religious notions in my face, whether it be in the chatroom or otherwise.


12 thoughts on “Know Your Place Or Pay My Bills

  1. Yeah I second that. Haven’t been part of the chatroom for that long, but I hate it in general when people try to sell you their religious doctrine. People need to pull their head in when flinging that shit around!!!

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  2. Since my last show, I am going to have to conclude NONE of this was provoked by me….don’t know what prompted this, but I feel safe knowing I am not at WTFR to sell shit!

    Just opining about the fall of white western man with Shaun.

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  3. BTW, I do want the drama regarding this…where is this conjecture in the chatroom? I scrolled back through some of Robert’s show, didn’t see it; was there an email? Did someone, a host, tell you what you can and can’t do on YOUR network?

    I am pretty sure I know better! Sometimes you say you want to hear about someone’s Christian Identity position, other times you say STFU about religion; I could care less…not into converting…it’s that product, that packaged product called “a magic carpet ride to Heaven” that has fucked up white western man, I call it a corrupted Christianity, you say Jesus doesn’t exist at all…hey, to each his own, just like you feel about Topete! I’m good with that!

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    • The only time I question where people stand on their Christian values or CI, is when they mention it. I usually ask out of morbid curiosity sheerly because it is mentioned as YOU have on a few occasions. The same with Gads, can’t help but mention that he is a Pagan.

      When I started in broadcasting, I didn’t come into radio with any intentions to mention that I don’t believe there is a God. For years, not once did I come on to a show and say I’m atheist, agnostic etc, UNTIL somebody put their religion in my face. “Hi, I’m Shaun, I’m atheist.” “Who fuckin cares? We’re here to fight for white people…”

      It’s seldom the atheists that have to let people know that they are atheist unless they have religion thrusted in their faces. At which point they bite back. Why is that religious people have to let us know that they are religious in this movement? The kikes do it as well. “I’m jewish, I’m jewish….” So that they gain that protection from the holohoax. It’s a fuckin joke.

      Both you and Gads have been instrumental at letting us know that you are religious and where stand.

      As for the conjecture, that came from email and Gads was in the chatroom AS usual promoting his Odin fairy tales.

      You John, took it as though I was trying to convert you, in your words and that’s the biggest load of shit known to man. You’d said on a few occasions you were Christian, but not the regular Christian as Gads has let me know that he is Pagan, so don’t complain when I post a video of some poor retarded twisted fucking kid on youtube, to show you that if there is a god, it needs it’s fucking head kicked in. If you think that’s me trying to convert you, well that’s not my problem.

      This is nothing personal to you OR Gads, but it sure as shit is the way I treat people that have let me know that they live in fairy tales and then act as if I have to shut the fuck up.

      No fucking way. I will never shut up.

      As a disclaimer to people, you can go back and listen to my broadcasts and you will see for yourself, that I barely ever touch on religion. Brief segments here and there, but I tend to stay away from it because I do have Christian friends and all good to them. And not just that, it’s fucking useless talking about it, because it’s a lost cause.

      I will however send links and shit to people that have told me of their sky fairy and show them what said sky fairy has done to little kids, in the name of “free fucking will”.

      Telling me that you’re a pagan and then not expecting me to say anything afterwards is like saying, “no, fuck you, you don’t have free speech, only I do!” Bait me and I might bite. This goes for anyone, people that write to me via email, chatrooms or Skype.


      • And no I am not talking about Reyvolt here. He seldom mentions it. I am happy to discuss it with him behind the scenes, because he doesn’t wax absolutist on my arse.


      • In my “religion” there is no free will, so, while you suck on that for a moment; I’ll take a stab at your other question ~ “Why is that religious people have to let us know that they are religious in this movement?” by saying WHY do proud atheists, and other whites find it necessary to laud the accomplishments, feats, and wisdom of America’s founders at the same time they level the heaviest and most insulting labels upon the characters in the Christian story; knowing full well that the well of righteousness the founders drew their inspiration from to punish evil and establish white countries was the religion you ridicule?

        Since you mentioned the video, it was unsolicited, I didn’t ask for my day to be interrupted with it, nor did I need to absorb your “needs to be kicked in the head” perspective since I hadn’t rubbed my religion all over your face or network in a manner worthy of this outburst.

        Gads starts this shit, and you drag me in the office to smack me down as though I needed to be put in my place; FUCK THAT!!!

        Onward with the mission, I can bite back too; with the special caveat that you can fire my arse anytime if you deem it necessary.

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      • Hey, I’m all for you biting back. Be my guest but accept your responsibility in it. Just mentioning you’re a Christian on this network is rubbing it in my face as far as I am concerned but I didn’t say shit. It’s when Gads starts talking about religion and shitting on Christianity and then you come into the chatroom and start yelling at how he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. There goes my week. No doubt, he’s much worse in all this than you, but both of you are verbal fodder as far as I am concerned. So when I come across a video like that, it’s not to rub it in your face as much as it is to question your sanity.

        I couldn’t give a fuck if you’re a priest. All I care about is that you are white, intelligent and can fight the good fight.

        And don’t expect me as the white western man that has researched the Dead Sea Scrolls, Hermetic writings, Morals and Dogma, the King James, the Babylonian Talmud translate series, the Koran/Quran etc, not to be pissed off once in a while and then let you know about your sky-fairy-stupidity.

        We have Gads in the chatroom spilling his Pagan crap last week and then he wonders why his numbers are down, then this week was a bad one for religious freaks in my inbox. Some bitching about Gads, some bitching about me even daring to have a Christian on the network, some saying that I need to be more tolerant.

        A question for you. If you’re god is not about free will, what is he? Again, I am asking out of morbid curiosity. Does this mean the god has it all mapped out? The whole, “he knows everything you do, because it’s all set in stone” crap?

        Anyway, my point is, anybody that believes in sky-fairies and openly flaunt it, are open for verbal attack at any time. And by all means, attack Atheism but keep in mind, that the only thing Atheists claim they need is evidence. I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. Far be it from me to understand that pesky thing called science.



  4. Totally agree Shaun.

    I’ll leave one more comment while my eyes are functioning a bit, still. Hint from an old dude. Stay on the same goddamn page like the commies, Antifa, SJWs, and enemies do. If one is serious about the issues of our race and cultures…there should be NO Divisions, NONE. (Hell, I can read better in caps) My red flags start flying up when I notice or hear of people wanting to drive wedges in between any of us for any reason. Then precious time and efforts are lost playing the divide and conquer or ego games while the enemies never sleep, never lose their focus while singing Kumbaya or praising their “One Peoples Projects,” etc., enjoying the bickering and divisions among us. The enemies can and do put their shit to the side, when is the White man/person going to learn to do the same thing? Have had to see and deal with this stuff for many many moons, seen it tear up White forums and groups. This crap doesn’t separate or deeply divide the various Jew religious sects does it? Hell no, they and others always fall back on the basics of unity and go on the attack and planning stages while many of ours thinks it’s better to bicker, control, or have everything their way. Thinking we have the time for such waste.

    I agree that this crap and other issues should be a well known given, automatic knee-jerk stop it reaction, but seems not to be. Is it youth? Inexperience? Not listening or understanding like many do? Freaking hard hardheadedness? Control issues? A bad case of the ‘can’t help it.’ OCD? Borderline Personality disorders? Or, agent provocateurs? All this side issue stuff of religion is as bad as arguing about the “Flat Earth,” veganism, public breast feeding, etc. Who really gives a damn when all else is lost? Sheesh.

    Hang tough Shaun and others. You’ll see this crap go on till the end of your days. I have. Sadly.

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  5. …good one! Question my sanity & pepper in the word stupidity; like I said, don’t EVER laud the Declaration of Independence(the document that mentions “the laws of Nature and Nature’s God” in a rather implicit form that clearly demonstrates our Founders were brainwashed to believe a Creator(mentioned with a capital ‘C’ in our Constitution) actually exists!

    Said Declaration, also was inspired by John Locke, another stupid white man of questionable sanity in history past!

    At least be consistent if you are going to shit on the fairytale, don’t cherrypick the the ‘good’ that led to the historical prosperity and societal benefits white Christian men passed down to you, if you think the godless can do it so much better; why the fuck would you ever praise one goddamn model of self/limited governance, or liberty achieved, if a bunch of non-intellectual, unscientific morons who believed in a kindergarten fairy tale forged it?

    Anyway, the insults are personal now if you are questioning my sanity; and I don’t give a shit if Gads was the one who set this off…your network, your money…but if your lack of respect for your host here rises to the level that you think I am that much your intellectual inferior, then you’ve earned your public reputation that you really cannot get along with Christians.

    This isn’t a ‘debate’, this is a territorial pissing match, and since it is your plot of land, I know my place and will have to decide whether or not I want to work here while anticipating every point I make is actually subject to severe ridicule. You wouldn’t tolerate anyone calling you stupid or questioning your sanity either if you were in my position! Gads just wants to be heard and vent, I don’t crave the attention as much.

    We’ll see how it goes from here on out.

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    • Don’t bother. I ain’t waiting for you man. If that’s the way you want it to “possibly” go, then we make it happen now. Fuck off. Don’t waste my time. Have a good life.


      • For the record, this is it….if ANYONE ever, I mean EVER says I pull a Byle & Grenade and demean Shaun or his network “behind the scenes”, it is total horseshit!

        Shaun & I simply have an historical intellectual disagreement, nothing new in white history past; we both stood our ground, but it is his perogative not to have his mission derailed thinking he may have to set aside any show material he may have to address some point of view(peppered with religion) that another host has put over his airwaves.

        I would ONLY have done broadcasting on this network, Shaun knows I’ve been around, been ‘shopping’, and have called in a great many networks to say my piece; I said ‘yes’ to Shaun’s invite.

        And so, this chapter ends; Shaun has set it in stone, I respect that, and I respect Shaun…don’t let ANYONE ever accuse me of demeaning this man…we go our seperate ways on a planet of 7 billion, not a big deal, and he can never be counted my ‘enemy’.

        Cheers, gang!

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