Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt & Pat Privilege (RBN) 2017-10-08

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • The whole shooting operation wreaks of higher intelligence
  • A FEMA operation may have been taking place in Las Vegas some time ago
  • A lot of red flags because Las Vegas is so well surveilled – Yet almost no footage to be seen
  • Pat Privilege comes on and talks about how social activity is being limited through these events
  • Stock piles of weapons can be detrimental to government, so stopping that from happening is a priority
  • Clip:  Tug of war over the convention center & stadium in Las Vegas
  • The knee jerk operations taking place in order to get rid of people guns are evident
  • Clip:  Phoney fake shooting – Woman on the screen has Las Vegas written down her leg – Predicted shooting
  • Clip:  Brother was cut off from finishing sentence before he could spill the beans about Stephen Paddock
  • The brother could be on some type of psych meds – Anagrams and how Paddock can be a signal in some peoples eyes
  • Clip:  Condemning Stephen for being a high stakes gambler is a mistake – Brother says Stephen was highly intelligent
  • The inconsistencies within the narrative are contrived and messed with by the media and such
  • Rob gets wiped off his show for a little while and Pat continues to speak about the mass shooting
  • Number play during a card game could be an indication of the date of the operation
  • Clip:  Bill Cooper exposed a lot of this symbolism all that way back when, when it comes to Vegas
  • Mandalay owner among other cretins start dumping stock weeks leading up to the shooting
  • The “Life is Beautiful” was apparently going to be a target on Sep 24th in Vegas
  • The paranoia can run high after these shootings and this is very deliberate
  • Clip:  Some people were shredded to pieces albeit that the whole operation was created
  • Clip:  Lt. Colonel Tony Schafer – It’s shaping up to be a very deliberate act of terror
  • Does Alex Jones know more than he’s letting on, given that his family has ties to the CIA
  • Clip:  Steve Pieczenik speaks with David Knight about how this stems from 9/11 and that the shooting is a false flag
  • Alex Jones would punch anybody on the nose that says that people may not have died in Vegas – (Shaun’s notes:  I would like to see Jones take a swing at me.  I would personally pay for the ring time.  And given that no bodies or even body bags seemed to come out of the Vegas shooting, I am in doubt that there was anybody killed as well, so go ahead Jones, ya fat fuck, let me know where we can meet up some time.  Surely you can beat my wirey arse up right?  Let me know potato head…)
  • The mainstream media are trying to clamp down on us with things such as “Project Owl” in an attempt to shut down discrepancy
  • The fake news is more worrying than the gun control at this point – The weaponising of people is unbelievably efficient
  • Clip:  Numerical rituals and codes before our very eyes linking all these events together

And much more…


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